Suzanne Mooney

By 27th February 2019 May 31st, 2019 Irish Photographers

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Born 1979

Suzanne Mooney is an Irish artist currently living in Japan. She holds a PhD from Tama Art University, Tokyo, and continues to work as an artist and educator in Tokyo. Utilizing time-based and spatial media she references Romanticism, painting and the Landscape, looking at how we interact within and experience space and Place, individually and collectively. Using imagery from constructed contemporary city spaces and borrowing motifs and imagery from Romantic painting she causes us to question our established perceptions of the world we live in. Mooney has received support from a number of funding bodies, including The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council and Culture Ireland. She has been awarded residencies in Iceland, Korea, Ireland and Spain and regularly travels to acquire material for new works. She won the Aesthetica Art Prize (Emerging Art Prize) in 2015. Recently, she held solo exhibitions at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama, and traveled to the UK for a solo exhibition at Bloc Projects and other activities at the invitation of Japan Now North, in connection with Japan Now at the British Library.