Paul McCarthy

By 27th February 2019April 12th, 2021Irish Photographers

Paul McCarthy is a Dublin based photographer. His work relies on strong composition, good lighting and a  passion for revealing the essence of the subject. His career has been backboned by portrait photography  but he is equally happy producing beautiful still-life and landscape work. Known for attention to detail,  excellent communication and leadership skills he has an ease in working with people from many different  creative backgrounds. At home controlling studio light to fulfil his creative expression and also capable of  working quietly from the shadows to capture spontaneity when necessary. Paul studied fine art in Dublin  before training in Paris and working there with American and French fashion and still-life photographers in  many different studios. His exhibited work has encompassed subjects such as Sean Nós singers and old  handball alleys in Ireland and Spain. He was raised in Limerick City and was a stalwart of Garryowen rugby  club in his youth. 



  • 2014, Outcasts, Darc Space Gallery, Dublin. 2014 (funded by Arts Council Bursary Award & Irish Cement) ‘Na Caipini’ PhotoIreland, Dublin 2012 (funded by Arts Council Deise Award) 
  • 2011, ‘Contents of a Plastic Bag’, as part of EVA, Limerick, 2011 
  • 2008, Photo Espagne, Madrid
  • 2007, Architectural Triennal, Lisbon, Irish Pavillion murals of Pheonix Park and Dublin Bay. 

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