About PhotoIreland Wiki.


The PhotoIreland Wiki was launched in 2019, as part of the Critical Academy project, to build a wiki website that will facilitate the collection of historical data relating to the practice of Photography in Ireland for future analysis.

As commonly defined, ‘a wiki is a website on which users collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the web browser’. The purpose in this case is to allow Irish and Ireland based practitioners to stand up and be counted, profiling themselves on the website, inputting their own historic list of exhibitions, their publications, awards, educational backgrounds, etc.

The data gathered will contribute to a better understanding of the practice over time, specifically looking at the last 20 years – as we aim to connect this research with previous and extensive research now available. It will also serve us to identify and evaluate how organisations in Ireland and abroad have engaged over time with the artists. Progress on this research project will be shared at certain milestones throughout the process, and there are plans to programme a series of activities around it, like symposiums, exhibitions, and the launch of specific publications.


This site has been made possible thanks to the contribution of Sheaneen Healy Byrne and Csaba Marton, and maintained by the staff of PhotoIreland. Thanks also to Rebecca O’Neill, Project Coordinator of Wikimedia Ireland, and Valerie Connor, for their support and guidance.


In this initial presentation of the website, we are focusing primarily on the gathering and display of information more than any other considerations. For this, we are following the bare Wiki aesthetic. The aim of this space is, after all, to become a resource that will feed Wikipedia, and in doing so, facilitating an adequate representation of artists in and from Ireland on that vast repository. It is thus essential to count on a wide participation on this project.

From then on, we intend to offer users a series of more visually appealing outputs, in print and online, that will help us propagate the resource to international audiences, and to other key resources and networks like libraries, festivals, museums, universities, etc.

To join us in making this and other projects happen, you can become a patron of PhotoIreland and get rewards too. If you want to contribute to this process with your skills, you are more than welcome to contact us at info@photoireland.org

How to contribute

Gosh, my name is not here! Do not fret! We have populated the page with the names of artist featured in PhotoIreland activities over time, such as the PhotoIreland Festival. If you are a photographer developing an artistic practice in Ireland, or an Irish one doing so abroad, and your name is not listed, let’s fix it: make sure you read about this project, download the submission form and send it to us. We will create a page with your profile, making sure you are counted when it comes to Photography in Ireland.

Submission Form

To start with, download the PhotoIreland Wiki form fill it in with as much detail as possible. We will create and publish the profile page with all the data supplied. From then on, you will be able to login, update, and modify content as you progress in your practice.

To suggest any further edits or to contribute to the project, feel free to contact us.