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19th century 20th Century 1746 1800s 1823 1841 1845 1852 1854 1860 1877 1880 1900s 1910s 1911 1913 1920 1920s 1924 1930s 1940 1940s 1941 1943 1945 1947 1950s 1951 1952 1954 1959 1960 1960s 1961 1963 1965 1966 1968 1969 1970 1970s 1972 1973 1974 1977 1978 1980 1980s 1981 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1990s 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2000s 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2010s 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Abortion Abortion Healthcare Abortion Rights Abridged Absence Accessibility Activism Advertising Aftermath Agriculture American Aesthetic American Urban Landscapes Ancient Anglo-Irish Animals Anthropology Antiques Anxiety Aperture Appropriation Archaeology Architecture Archival Archive Arms Army Art Artefact Art Fairs Artist Artist's Studio Artist’s Body Asylum Asylum seekers Atmospheric Audit Austerity Babies Banal Banlieue Bees Berlin Wall Victims Biennial Biodiversity Birds Bodies Body Bog Bogland Borderlines Borders Botanic Garden Botany Boyhood Branding British Colony Brutalism Buildings Built Environment Burial Camogie Campaigners Capitalism Carmelite Nuns Cartography Catharsis Catholicism Caves Celebration Celtic Tiger Cherry Blossom Childhood Children Chinese New Year Cinema City Civil Engineering Civil War Class System Climate Climate Change Climate Crisis Climate Justice Club Culture Club Scene Coast Cobweb Colonial Colonialism Colonisation Coming Of Age Communal Space Communism Community Comparison Concept of the self Conflict Confrontation Connection Construction Construction of the self Contemporary Ireland Coronavirus Countryside COVID-19 Cows CPTSD Create Crime Cultural Identity Culture Cyber D'jongehond Daily Life Dairy Darkness Dawn Death Decay Decisive Moment Deconstruction Definitive Moment Delivery Drivers Dematerialisation Dementia Desire Development Developmental Trauma Diaspora Diaspora Community Diplomatic Spaces Direct Provision Disabilities Displacement Dissociation DIY DJs Documentary Domesticity Doom Dream Space Drinking Culture Drugs Earthquake Ecological Ecology Economic Development Economic Downturn Editorial Electricity Electricity Lines Embassy’s Emigration Emotional conflict Energy Engineering Environment Environmentalism Environmental Justice Environmentally friendly Ethics Events Everyday Excavation Exotic Animals Exposures Factory Faith Familiar British Wildlife Family Family Portraiture Fancy Pictures Farm Farming Fashion Fatherhood Fauna Female body Female Counterpoint Female Gaze Femininity Feminism Feminist Theory Fields Fifteenth Century Palazzo Financial Boom Finnegans Wake Flaneur Flood Flora Flow Flowers Flâneurism Flâneuse Folklore Food Footfall Forest fragments Fragrance Freedom Gaelic Football Gaelic Sports Gaelscoil Gang Gardening Gardens Gathering Gaze Gender Gender Identity Gender Roles Generational Change Gentrification Geography Geopolitics German Ghost Estates Globalisation Global Warming Golf Golf Course Graffiti Grafitti Grass Grief Haunting Health Healthcare Heroin Historical History Home Horse Racing Horses Hospitals House Housing Housing Crisis Housing Estate Human Human Nature Hunger Strike Hurling I.R.A. Ice Caps Iconography Identity Identity formation Imagination Immigration Policy Implicit Memory Incarceration Industrial Industry Infrared Infrastructure Inner City Installation Institution Interiors International Interpersonal Trauma Intimacy Iraqi Diaspora Irish Independence Irish Landscape Irish Popular Culture Irish War Of Independence Islam Island Isolation James Joyce Joycean Scholarship Labour LaMurallaRoja Land Landfill Landscape Landscape as Memory Layers LGBTQI+ Life experience Lifestyle Literature Living Space Lockdown Loss Loss and Landscape Lost Cat Love Loyalism Machinery Magdalene Laundries Magic Male Body Manual Maps Marginalised Communities Mariners Markets Marxism Masculinity MCO Projects Media Meditation Meditative Memorial Memory Menstruation Mental Health Mental wellbeing Metaphorical Archaeology Migrants Migration Military Mill Minerals Minimalism Mining Modernism Modernist Architecture Moon Mosque Motherhood Motorway Mountain Ranges Mountains Muslim Community Narrative National Holiday National Identities Nationalism Nature Neo-Classical Sculpture News Night Nocturnal Animals Nostalgia Nunnery Nuns Nurses Oak Obair Observation Office Office Space Old Ireland On The Road Organised Labour Outdoors Pandemic Paranormal Parents Patterns Pavee Point Peat Peatland Restoration Peatlands Peat Soil People Personal Belongings Personal experience Personal Trauma Phenomonology Philosophy Pink Place Political Politics Population Portrait Portraiture Post-Industrial Post-War Post Colonial Post Conflict Post Soviet Union Presidential Elections Priests Protest Psychogeography Psychological Landscape Psychology Psychosis PTSD Public Gatherings Public Space Punk Queer Queer Expression Queerness Queer Spaces Railway Rave Scene Real-life Recession Reconstruction Red Refugee Crisis Regeneration Relationships Relic Religion Religious Iconography Religious Orders Religon Remembrance Remote Location Reportage Representation Republicanism Retrospective Reunion Revolution Rewilding Rhododendron Riots Ritual River Roads Rock Roma People Roots Royal Family Ruins Rural Rural Architecture Rural Communities Rural Flaneur Rural Life Rural Sustainability Safe Places Saint Patrick's Day Samuel Beckett Sanctuary School Science Scrapbook Seascape Seasons Sea Swimming Seaweed Sectarianism Self-reflexive Self portrait Self portraiture Sense of belonging Sense Of Place Sense of self Separation Sexuality Signage Simulation Singing Skateboarding Skatepark Sky Small Town Smithfield Horse Fair Society Space Spaces Sport Sports St.Patrick's Day Storage Unit Street Markets Structural Engineering Structure Structures Stuntman Sub-Culture Suburbia Suburbs Suicide Awareness Surealism Sustainability Swimming Synthetic Restoration Taii Chi Tara Mines Technology Television Tenements Territory Texture Theatre The Berlin Wall The Border The Disappeared The Domestic Aviary The Everyday The Self The Troubles Time Titanic Topography Touch Traders Trade Union Tradition Trail Trans Transforming Ireland Transgender Trauma Travel Travel Diary Traveller Community Trees Tulips Turf Ulysses Underage Drinking Unionism University Unpaid Labour Urban Urbanisation Urban Topography Urine US Military Utopia Utopianism Vandalism Varial Vessels Vinyl Record Violence Walking War War Memorials Wasteland Water Water Towers Wealth Weeds Windows Women's Rights Wondering Mind Woods Work Working Class Work Place World Culture Worship Wrestling WW2 WWE Young People Youth Youth Culture Yugoslav Wars Zoo
3D Scanning 16mm 35mm 120 film Abstract Abstract Photography Alternative Book Making Alternative Design Analog Analogue Analogue media Analogue Photography Architectural Photography Archival material Art Book Artist Collaboration Artistic Collaboration Artist Publishing Artists Books Art Object Art Therapy Art Writing Black And White Body Of Work Book-Making Bookbinding Bookmaking C-type Prints Calotype Cameraless Celluloid Materiality Cinematography Co-publishing Collaboration Collaborative Practice Collage Collections Photography Community art Conceptual Conceptual art Contemporary Photography Critical Framework Criticism Cyanotype Daguerreotype Darkroom Design Digital Digital Art Digital Culture Digital Technology Documentary Photography Double Exposure Dummy Book Dye Transfer Dúlra Photography Experimental Experimental Film Experimental Music Fanzines Film Film-Making Film Photography Fine Art Fine Art Prints Found Images Found Photos Framing Services Fuji Historical Photography Landscape Photography Large Format Large Scale Lens-based Magazines Mamiya 7 Mamiya 7ii Materiality Medium Format Medium Format Film Metaphor Mixed Media Monochrome Monograph Moving Image Multidisciplinary Multi Frame Camera Multimedia Murals Music Newspaper Nikon Observational Oral History Painting Performance Performance to the camera Photo Album Photobooks Photocollage Photo Essay Photographic Tableaux Photojournalism Poetry Polaroid Polaroids Political Mural Portaiture Portra 400 Portraits Postcards Print Printmaking Process-based Process Art Process Led Projected Image Real-time Computer Graphics Risograph Sculptural Sculpture Self Published Sequence Series Site-specific Slide Film Slide Projection Snapshot Snapshot Photography Socially Engaged Still Life Stitching Street Photography Street Portraits Street Portraiture Subjective Documentary Super- Kamiokande Super 8 Surrealist Photography Textiles Theory Video Video Art Virtual Reality Visual Arts Writing
1eurofiddy Aaron Kelly Abigail O'Brien Adam Broomberg Adam Duxbury Adam Fuss Adam Hochschild Adam Lach Adam Magyar Adam Nolan Admas Habteslasie Adrain Arbib Adrian Crispin Adrian O’Carroll Agata Stoinska Aidan Dunne Aidan Kelly Murphy Akihiko Miyoshi Akinbode Akinbiyi Alan Mahon Alberto Burri Alberto Giuliani Alberto Maserin Albrecht Tübke Alec Soth Aleksandra Rosiak Aleksandra Szajnecka Alessandra Sanguinetti Alexander Gronsky Alexandra McGlynn Alexandra Moschovi Alex Sinclair Alfredo D'Amato Alicia Miller Aliki Braine Alinka Echeverria Alison Bettles Alison Countess Of Rosse Alison Crosby Alison McDonnell Alnis Stakle Alwina Pampuch Amanda Dunsmore Amber Collective Amelia Stein Amelia Troubridge Andi Schreiber Andrea Liggins Andrej Krementschouk Andrew B Myers Andrew Einhorn Andrew Lee Andrew Rankin Aneta Bartos Aneta Grzeszykowska Angela Merkel Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger Anna Campbell Anna Ehrenstein Anna Lisa Brambilla Anna O'Sullivan Anna Walsh Anne Berry Anne Bjerge Hansen Anne Elliot Anne Havinga Anne Karhio Annemarie Schöne Anne Mulhall Anne Stewart Anne Tallentire Annie Forrester Annie Leibovitz Annie Marie Musselman Ann Maria Healy Ansel Adams Anthony Haughey Anthony Luvera Antonio Machado Aoife Desmond Aoife Shanahan Arsène Pélegry Artemis Tsakiri Asalo Narahashi Atoosa Pour Hosseini Audrey Blue Audrey Fynn Awuor Onyango Barney McMonagle Barry Delaney Barry Fletcher Barry McGovern Becky Beasley Behrouz Boochani Benedetta Casagrande Ben Graville Ben Hickey Bernadette Keating Bernard Francis Bertrand Carrière Beth Moon Bettina Rheims Bill Owens Billy Woods Bindi Vora Bobby Sands Brendan McCleary Bret Weston Brian MacAlister Brighid Lowe Brigid Mulcahy Bruce Arnold Bruce Gilden Bruno Quinquet Bryan Hogan Burkina Faso Byung-Sang Bang Camille Lévêque Candida Höfer Carlo Gébler Carolina Faustmann Caroline Fayette Carolle Benitah Carrie Levy Carrie Thompson Cassandra Klos Catherine Larre Chad Moore Charalampos Kydonakis Charlotte Cotton Charlotte Douglas Charlotte McIvor Charlott Markus Chino Otsuka Chris Boot Chris Clarke Chris Fite-Wassilak Chris Shaw Chris Teasdale Christ Harrison Christian Boltanski Christian Hagemann Christien Meindertsma Christina Kennedy Christine Redmond Christophe Agou Christopher Lindhorst Christopher Pinney Christopher Steenson Christopher Taylor Cian Redmond Ciara Hickey Ciaran Carson Ciaran Nugent Cindy Cummings CJ Clarke Claire Fitch Claire Waffel Clare Langan Claude Rouyer Claudio Hils Claudio Silvestrin Clive Landen Clive Limpkin Clive Scott Cló Collchnó Colin Graham Colin Gray Colleen Plumb Colm Graham Colm Tóibín Conor Horgan Conor McFeely Conor McGarrigle Conrado Velasco Constance Keane Corinne Vionnet Craig Atkinson Cóilín O’Connell Damian Sutton Damien Peyret Daniela Rossell Daniele De Luigi Daniel Gordon Daniel Jewesbury Danis Rose Dan Shipsides Daragh Muldowney Daragh Soden Dara McGrath David Bate David Brett David Brittain David Byrne David Campany David Chandler David Evans David Farrell David Flood David Gepp David Goldes David Green David H. Davison David Kronn David Lee David Lloyd David Norris David O'Mara David Speirs David Spero David Willis Declan Kelly Declan Long Declan McGonagle Deirdre Brennan Denis Masi Dennis Dinneen Dermot Healy Diane Dear Diddy Garcon Dirk Braeckman Domenico Foschi Donald Trump Donny Keane Donovan Wylie Dorothea Lange Dorothée Smith Doug DuBois Douglas Hurd Doug Rickard Doug Ross Dr. Aaron Kelly Dr. Ellen Rowley Dr. Justin Carville Dr. Nadia Kelbova Dr. Neil Jarman Dr. Suzanna Chan Dragana Jurišić Dr Edwin Coomasaru Duncan Wooldridge Dwi Asrul Fajar Dylan Thomas Eddie Kenrick Edgar Martins Edward Welch Edward Welsh Edward Weston Edy Fung Eimhin Joyce Elena Subach Elina Brotherus Elina Jokipii Elinor Carucci Elizabeth Edwards Elizabeth Martin Elizabeth Moy Ellen Kooi Ellen Rowley Elliott Erwitt EL Putnam Elspeth Diederix Emil Hernon Emily O’Brien Emma Dexter Emma O'Brien Enid Conway Enrique Juncosa Eoghan McTigue Eoin Holland Eoin O Conaill Eric Luke Eric Pillot Erwin Olaf Eugene Zhuravliov Eugenie Shinkle Eva Stenram Eve Arnold Eveliina Hujanen Fanny Michel Farah Al Qasimi Faye Claridge Federica Landi Feiyi Wen Felicia Olusanya Fergus Feehily Fergus Jordan Fiachra Corcoran Filippo Menichetti Fintan O'Toole Fiona Hackett Florencia Alvarado Florian Van Roekel Fr. Browne SJ Frances Morris Frankie Quinn Frank Miller Frank Sweeney Frederic Delangle Fred Huening Fred Hüning Frits Gierstberg Fritz Fabert Gabriel Andreu Gabriele Croppi Gao Rongguo Gareth McConnell Gavin Mullan Gavin Murphy Geert Van Kesteren Gerald Slota Gerry Badger Giacomo Brunelli Gihan Tubbeh Gilles Peress Gillian Kane Giorgio Agamben Giovanni Pascoli Giulia Berto Giulio Sarchiola Grace WilentzI Greg McCartney Gregory Crewdson Gérard Mermoz Göran Nyström Göster Flemming Hannah Collins Hannah Starkey Hanna Putz Hannes Wanderer Hans-Heinrich Feldhoff Hans Eijkelboom Hans Ulrich Obrist Harry Callahan Harry Phipps Harry Weber. Hatje Cantz Hausderkunst Heather Cleary Heiko Rintelen Hein-Kuhn Oh Helena Gouveia Monteiro Helen James Helio Leon Henri Cartier-Bresson Henry McDonald Hertta Kiiski Hilla Kurki Hiroshi Suganuma Hoda Afshar Holly Foskett Huang Qingjun Hugh Chaloner Hugh Heffernan Iain Borden Iain Sarjeant Ian Bramford Ian Skoyles Ian Walker Ida Lykken Ieva Baltaduonyte Ilaria Sponda Inge Morath Irek Misiak Irene Antonia Diane Reece Iris Hassid Irving Penn Isabel Stevens Ishmael Claxton Ivan Pinkava Jackie Nickerson Jack Scollard Jacob Aue Sobol James Clancy James Connolly James Forde James Merrigan James O’Sullivan Jamie House Jamie McGillivray's Jan Cieslikiewicz Jane C. Stout Jane Cummins Jane Fletcher Jane Locke Jane Wilson Janne Lehtinen Jan Williams Jason Demarte Jason Stearns Jean Curran Jen Davis Jennifer Mehigan Jennifer Redmond Jens Ullrich Jeongmee Yoon Jessica Hilltout Jialin Long Jill Freedman Jill Quigley Jim Bennett Jim Maginn Jim Mortram Jim Vaughan. Joachim Gerstenberg Joanna Hopkins Jochen Stamm Joe Marner Joesph Duggan Joe Sterling Johanna King John Benton-Harris John Berger John Clang John Davies John Duncan John Foley John Glenday John Gossage John Lalor John MacLean John McCullen John McMahon John Reid John Stezaker John Szarkowski John Taylor Jonathan Howe Jonathan Olley Jordane Prestrot Jordan Hearns Josep Echaburu Jo Spence Jost Migenda Judith Butler Jules Spinatsch Julia Daunt Julia Gelezova Juliana Scodeler Julia Peirone Julie Cockburn Julie Fogarty Justin Carville Justin Partyka Justyna Kielbowicz Kaitlyn Webster Kalle Kataila Karen Downey Karen E. Till Karen Haas Karen Knorr Karl Grimes Karolina Schlagner Kasia Krynska Katarzyna Kural Kate Mcsharry Kateryna Radchenko Keith Arnatt Kelan Molloy Kelvin Haizel Kendall Walton Ken Grant Kenneth Josephson Kenneth Keating Ken Rosenthal Kevin Barrington Kevin Boyes Kevin Griffin Kevin Henderson Kieran Murray Kieran Nolan Kimberly Witham Kim Crowley Kim Cunningham Kirstie North Krass Clement Kristen Hatgi Kristen Lubben Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh Kyle Sven Laetitia Molenaar Lamia Maria Abillama Lara Asole Larry Sultan Lars Müller Baden Laura-Blaise McDowell Laura Letinsky Laura Thomas Laurel Bradley Laurence McKeown Lauren Marsolier Lauren McLaughlin Lavinia Parlamenti Laya Meabhdh Kenny Le Corbusier Lee Friedlander Lee Miller Leigh Ledare Lewis Bush Liadh Connolly Liam O'Dowd Lien Botha Lisa Godson Lisa McDonald Lisa Strömbeck Liz Wellls Lorraine Burrell Louise Maher Louise Wilson Lucas Foglia Lucas Garvey Lucy Caldwell Lucy Soutter Luke Gibbons Luzia Simons Lydia Panas Léann Herlihy Léonie Hampton Madame Peripetie Magda Hueckel Malin Starrett Manfredi Pantanella Manit Sriwanichpoom Mao Zedong Mariam Nahavandi Marianne O’Kane Boal Marie Jo Lafontaine Marie Lieb Mark Bolland Mark Curran Mark Durden Mark Ellis Mark Lyon Mark Neville Markus Schaden Markéta Luskačová Marten Lange Martina Clawson Martina Cleary Martin Barnes Martin Bogren Martin Bruhns Martin Errichiello Martin Healy Martin Newth Martin Parr Martin Roemers Martin Usborne Mary Conroy Mary Countess Of Rosse Mary Cremin Mary Hamil Mary McIntyre Masoud Golsorkhi Mateusz Sarello Mathieu Bernard Reymond Matt Glover Matthew Brandt Matthew S. Witkovsky Matt Johnston Mauro Cocilio Maximilian Le Cain Maxine Hall Melinda Gibson Mhairi Sutherland Michael Durand Michael Gibbons Michael Grieve Michael Hess Michael Rand Michael Wolf Michalina Kacperak Michelle Doyle Michelle Dunne Marsh Mick O'Kelly Mic Moroney Miguel Calderon Mij Rothera Mike Abrahams Mike Mandel Minna Kantonen Miriam O’Connor Mirjana De La Cour Miroslav Holub Miyako Ishuichi Mortiz Neumüller Motoi Kato Méabh Ritchie Nathan Pearce Neil Drabble Neil Jarman Niamh Smith Nicholas Allen Nicholas Harpur Nico Krebs Nina Korhonen Noreen Bowden Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill Ole Fach Oliver P. Bernard Olivier Richon Orla Fitzpatrick Paddy McCabe Padraig Murphy Pascal Whelan Patrick Frey Patrick McCoy Patrick T. Murphy Paula Meehan Paul Burgess Paul Cabuts Paul Carroll Paul Graham Paul Quinn Paul Seawright Paul Smith Paul Wombell Pavel Buchler Pádraig Ó Flannabhr Perry Ogden Pete James Peter-Frank Heuseveldt Peter Lau Peter Neill Peter Yardley Peter Young Piaras Mac Éinrí Pope Francis Poppy Melzack Prince Harry Private Manning Quentin Fottrell Ralph Dunn Raphy Doyle Rashi Rajguru Reagan Ricardo Bofill Richard West Ricky Adam Rinko Kawauchi Robert Capa Robert Ellis Robert Frank Robert MacFarlane Robert McCormack Roberto Tondopó Rob O'Connor Roger Fenton Roger Hargreaves Roma Maskalenko Roma Tearne Ronan Deazley Ronit Lentin Ronnie Close Rory Campbell Ruben Lundgren Rudy Ramos Rune Gade Ruth Fuller Ruth Van Beek Ryan McGinley Róisín Agnew Róisín White Sakiko Nomura Samantha Harvey Sam Slote Sam Taylor-Wood Sandra Birke Sandy Fitzgerald Santu Mofokeng Saoirse Sexton Sara Davidmann Sarah Browne Sarah Cave Sarah Dowling Sarah Lynch Sarah Maria Griffin Sarah McAuliffe Sarker Protick Saul Leiter Sean Izzard Sean O'Hagan Sean Rainbird Seanín Graham Sebastiaan Bremer Seoidín O'Sullivan Serrah Russell Seán Kissane Sheila Matthes Shigehisa Yoshizu Shirley Read Shoair Mavlian Silvia Federici Simen Johan Simon Burch Simon Cunningham Simon Denison Simone Bergantini Simon Norfolk Simon Pooley Simon Roberts Simon Watson Sinéad Curran Siobhan Davis Siobhán Enright Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen Siún Hanrahan Sofia Rudi Kent Sonja Hamad Sonya Whitefield Sophie Meehan Sorj Chalandon Stefanie Braun Ste Murray Stephan Zaubitzer Stephen Bull Stephen Farrell Stephen Gill Stephen Gunning Stephen Shore Stephen Tynan Steve Fox Steven Canny Steven Nestor Steve Pyke Sue Rainsford Sue So Susan Lipper Susan McKay Susan Meiselas Susanna Galbraith Susanne Bosch Susanne Nielsen Susan Sontag Susan Wood Susumu Shimonishi Suzanne O'Shea Taiyo Onorato Takashi Arai Takashi Yasumura Tamara Kametani Tanya Kiang Tessa Giblin Theo Dorgan Therese Rafter Thijs Groot Wassink Thomas Devaux Thomas Duffield Thomas Joshua Coope Thomas Joshua Cooper Thomas MacGiolla Thomas McCarthy Thomas Neimeyer Tim Durham Tim Edgar Timothy Prus Tina Carr Tina Kinsella Toby Mott Todd Hido Tom Lovelace Tomoka Aya Tomoyuki Sakaguchi Tom Stoddart Tom Szustek Tony Kelly Tony Ray Jones Tracey Heatherington Tuqa Al Sarraj Txema Salvans Uchihara Yasuhiko Ulf Schmidt Ulie Chun Ursula Burke Ute Eskidsen Vagabond Reviews Valentina Abenavoli Valerie Connor Val Williams Vanya Lambrecht Verdi Yahooda Victor Burgin Victor Sloan Vince Aletti Vincent Godeau Vincent Gouriou Virginia Heckert Viviane Sassen W. J. McCormack Walker Evans Wayne Lawrence Wiebke Leister Wiktoria Michałkiewicz Will Hartley William Claxton Willie Doherty Will Smyth Xavier Ribas Yang Yongliang Yan Morvan Yvette Hamilton Yvette Monahan Zarina Bhimji Zhu Bao Zoë Redmond Zuzana Hruskova Ángel Luis González Fernández
19/80 Éditions 411 Galleries 1815 Magazine Aad ABK Architects AGORA Collective Allen Lane Allotrope Press AMINI André Frere Editions Another Place Press Anthem Press APB Arab Image Foundation Archive Of Modern Conflict ArkAngel Array Collective Artist-run Artist Studios Art Movers Arts Centre Arts Council Ireland Arts Council Northern Ireland Arts Council of Ireland Art Services Bank Of America Photographic Collection BCA Gallery BCFE Belfast Exposed Belfast School of Art BKN Magazine Black Dog Publishing Bloomers Blow BLOW UP Press Bohland & Schremmer Verlag British Journal of Photography Broschek & Co. Café Royal Books Cahier Central Charcoal Book Club Closed Organisation Commercial Galleries Conradi & Co. Copenhagen Photo Festival Coruscate Cottagelab Crawford College of Art and Design Creative Ireland Creative Schools Critical Journal Critical Resources Damiani Damn Fine Print Dashwood Books David Kronn Collection Democratic Republic Of Congo Derry’s Artists for Derry’s Art Design Resources Dewi Lewis Publishing Ditto Press Driftwood Editions Dublin City Council Dublin City Council Culture Company Dublin Travellers Education & Development Group Dürer Editions Editions Bessard EightyOne Books Errata Editions European Publishers Funding Gallery Of Photography Government Agency Grafton Architects Griffith College Dublin Gudók Hackney Flashers Collective Hasselblad Centre Hungarian Cultural And Social Centre IADT Inspirational Arts Institute of Art Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire (IADT) International Publishers Iraq Photo Archive Irish Arts Review Irish Film London Irish Museum Of Modern Art Irish Publishers Jane & Jeremy Januzzi Smith Editions JH Engstrom Junior Magazine Junior Press Kassel Fotobookfestival Award Kehrer Verlag Keith Williams Architects Killarney Young Filmmakers Kunsthøgskolen Landskrona Foto Latent Image Editions LensFlare Press Libraries Library Lilliput Press MACK Martin & Hobbs McCullough Mulvin Architects Merrell Michael Carr Architects MM Artbook Mousse Publishing National College of Art and Design National College of Art and Design (NCAD) National Gallery Of Ireland National Library Of Ireland National Women’s Council of Ireland NCAD Nicholson And Bass Non-profit NWCI Legacy Project: Representations of Womens Work Oliver Sears Gallery Onestar Press Ormeau Baths O’Brien Press Pavilion Books Penguin Phibsboro Press Plus Tate PogoBooks Portobello Photographic Press Printing Services Prix Pictet PS² Publishing Collective Punctum Books Purpose Built Gallery Read That Image Residency RHA Royal College of Art Royal Ulster Constabulary Photographic Archive RRB Photobooks Sculptors’ Society of Ireland Shoreditch Biennale Small World Press SMUT Press Society of Artists in Ireland Source Source Photographic Review Steidl Stereo Editions Strzelecki Books Studio Martin Seeds Studio Space Tate Modern Technological University Dublin Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest (TUS) Thames And Hudson The Arts Council Ireland Theatre De Complicite The Collins Press The History Press Ireland The Irish Times The John Hansard Gallery The Library Project The Lilliput Press The Velvet Cell Thirty Nine Books Trinity College Dublin Tyrone Guthrie Centre UCD Ulster University Unité D'Habitation University College Dublin University of Ulster University of Ulster Belfast Campus (UUB) Uspecto Images Venice Biennale Verlag Kettler Victoria And Albert Museum Waterford Institute of Technology Wejchert Work Space YELLOBELLI Zero-G

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