John Minihan Blog Post

John Minihan (born Dublin 1946) is one of Ireland’s most celebrated photographers, famous for literary portraits and landscapes.


Alan Butler Blog Post

Alan Butler’s work explores material and philosophical ideas about how imagery and meaning function in technologically mediated realities.

Clare Lyons Blog Post

Clare Lyons is a photographer and visual artist living in Dublin. Her work is typically deeply private and explores themes of trauma, memory, and her personal struggle with mental illness.


Caitriona Dunnett Blog Post

Caitriona Dunnett is an Irish photographer based in Warwick. She has been exploring memory and narrative through nineteenth century photographic techniques crossed with digital technology to produce handcrafted images.

zoe hamill

Zoe Hamill Blog Post

Zoe is a photographer from Co. Antrim, currently based in Edinburgh.


Dorje de Burgh Blog Post

Dorje de Burgh is Dublin-born and based photographic artist practicing since 2012.


Hannah Starkey Blog Post

Born in Belfast, Hannah Starkey studied photography at Napier University, Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Art, London.


Simon Burch Blog Post

Caption of the image Born Year, Month, Day (Location) Website Simon Burch is a professional photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. He divides his time between commissioned and fine art photography,...

Trish Morrissey Blog Post

Trish Morrissey is an Ireland born, UK based photographer.


Donovan Wylie Blog Post

Utilizing a combination of conceptual and typological approaches, Wylie’s work interrogates the conceptual architecture of power, containment and war.