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Aaron Dickson

Born 1980 (Belfast)

Aaron S. Dickson was born in 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He holds a Master of Fine Art Degree in Photography from Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art and is a graduate of the New Zealand Film and Television School. The recipient of the Alice Berger Hammerschlag award 2015, Aaron has also been awarded the Royal Ulster Academy Award for Outstanding Students 2016. The work Notes On Hospitals was exhibited as part of the Royal Hibernian Academy’s 187th Annual Exhibition 2017; Sony World Photography Awards 2017; Tokyo International Foto Awards in Tokyo in 2017; PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin 2016 and at the Royal Ulster Academy’s 135th Annual Exhibition in Belfast 2016.1


  • Notes on Hospitals (2016)

    Images of patients languishing on trolleys in hospital corridors and articles proclaiming ‘crisis within the NHS.’ What if there is another way to approach this story? The hospital is where many of us are born, it is the place where we take our first breath, meet our parents for the first time and first experience the world outside the womb. It is a physical structure imbued with emotion and significance yet concomitantly clinical and detached. The hospital is a place of birth and death, love and loss, joy and despair. Notes On Hospitals was made inside seven NHS hospitals in Northern Ireland during 2015 and 2016. Each hospital was operational and in use at the time. 2

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