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Amy Walsh

Born Year, Month, Day (Location)

Amy Walsh is an artist, academic, activist and lecturer in Fine Art Media at Dublin Institute of Technology since 2009. She previously held lecturing positions at The National College of Art and Design and Trinity College Dublin. In 2016 Amy became a Director of Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR) Ireland. TFMR is a pro-choice organisation made up of women, couples and pregnant people who received a diagnosis of a severe or fatal anomaly in pregnancy in Ireland and has been campaigning to Repeal the 8th amendment since 2012. Amy is also a trustee of the charity Leanbh Mo Chroi which provides in person and on-line information and support to people who receive a diagnosis of a severe or fatal anomaly in pregnancy in Ireland. 1

Bio & Career

Over the last number of years, Amy’s art practice, research, and activism have become intertwined. Her art and research have focused on reproductive justice, loss, and testimony. Amy gave her testimony to the Citizens Assembly in 2016, and she has been creating an archive of testimonies with the women and mothers of TFMR Ireland and Leanbh Mo Chroi while also documenting the memorabilia that they keep to remember their babies. Amy hopes this archive will reveal previously misunderstood connections between abortion healthcare, loss, and mothering and that the research will help to de-stigmatize abortion healthcare and contribute to the global understanding of abortion. 2


  • Peace Walls (2012-2013) 

    Peace walls is a project that Amy Walsh undertook in Northern Ireland between 2012-2013 where she was photographing the peace walls that were built to segregate protestant and catholic neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland. Walsh used the aerial perspective which is a similar view point to surveillance footage and that of the police helicopters. Black and white is also used through out this series for the same reasons. She did however leave small areas of colour to highlight similarities and differences between the communities.


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