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  • One Hundred Seconds To Midnight (2021) 

    One Hundred Seconds To Midnight explores the tumultuous relationship between Breen’s father and himself as the father battles stints in and out of prison, as well as a battle with bipolar disorder. Using personal experience as a constant resource, the work comes from an honest place in the hope that the personal can be transmuted into the universal.

    The title of the work refers to the Doomsday Clock, a symbol that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe and currently stands at one hundred seconds to midnight with midnight symbolising the end of the world.

    This feeling of doom that surrounds our current society runs parallel to the artist’s personal feelings surrounding his relationship with his father; he struggles to reconcile their past with their current state, and what feels like an inevitable uninhabitable future.

    Published by PhotoIreland
    Edition of 200
    32 pages
    148 × 210 mm1

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