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Debbie Castro’s practice explores the complex relationship that people have with control. Working with a variety of media (film, video, polaroid; paint, scissors and tape), she creates psychological portraits that investigate the ebb and flow of embodied existence. For Castro, a portrait is the beginning of an on going relationship with her subject. It is a collaborative dissection of the photographic process.Her collaborative photographic and film works examine the relationship of people and place in order to uncover the points of continuity and discontinuity, control and lack of control.

Through cuts in the print, or glitches in the video, conventional representations are deconstructed, revealing the subjects’ inner truth. The Other is re-presented, from the inside out.  Debbie’s style of working explores issues of power, control, and objectification in order to test the intersection of social practice and photography and her role as a photographer, author and editor. She has worked on projects on a one to one basis documenting emotional and physical injury and self-harm.1

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