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Emilia Rigaud portait
Emilia Rigaud portait

Emilia Rigaud

Born 1997, March, 09 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Emilia Rigaud is a photographic artist who reflects on the fragility of life through analog photography and small-scale installations. Her recognizable style to utilize light that is at the same time hazy soft, but penetratingly bright resembles a captivating daydream that sets above the spaces and people in her photos. Rigaud strives to find the ethereal in the everyday, as she creates photographs in which time ceases to exist for a small moment – before inexorably disappearing to the past. Emilia Rigaud studies in the Bachelor’s program in Photography at the Irish Institute for Art, Design and Technology in Dublin. She is currently undergoing her exchange studies in Finland in the Master’s program in Photography at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her works and images have been published in various publications and photo festivals, including Emerge (2021), District Magazine (2020), PhotoIreland (2020) and PhotoVogue (Portfolio 2020).1


Appears in

  • 2021, Emerge Magazine, Utopia, Dublin
  • 2021, District Magazine, A New Normal, Dublin: PhotoIreland


Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions

  • 2022, On Circulation, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
  • 2022, Photographic Arts, Performatives and Serial Structures, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
  • 2021, Seili Island Residency ExhibitionAalto University, Espoo, Finland


  • Metamorphoses (2022) 

~ A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one ~
Every being and thing has to construct its own identity, its own form.
Metamorphoses is not simply the succession of two differences, it is the impossibility of replacing the other, the paradoxical coexistence of the most distant possibilities in one and the same life, allowing us to modify ourselves.
Nothing is stable and protected, the world is in constant flux.
If we must continue to wander and drift , it is because the place that would allow all objects to meet can never exist.
We invade the space we inhabit, and the space invades us.2

  • Dla Mamy… (2021)

My practice revolves around depicting the fragility of life and finding the divinity and ethereality in the mundane. Moments and details that are usually overlooked, giving them a new meaning and value. I am interested in the interconnection and relationship between nature and the manmade, finding links to make sense of the world, at least for myself.
My approach to the use of photography and small installations, is an act of meditation to find that divinity in the everyday and portraying the universality of life.
I am delicately creating an interaction between the spiritual world and reality, revealing the invisible and confronting the viewer on how to look at things.
Merging the past with the future, creating the present… 3

  • Imagine the Clouds Dripping (2021) 

Yoko gave me Instructions, and I followed.
A visual response to some of her poems, photographed during one spring. 4

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