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Frank Abruzzese is an artist, educator and Co-Driector of Cow House Studios, a progressive, artist run studio in rural Wexford. Originally from Philadelphia, he obtained his Bachelors Degree in Moving Image Arts from the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000, and Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. His work has been featured in Domus magazine, was part of the 2012 Istanbul Design Biennial and resides in the permanent collection of the Office of Public Works. He received the Emerging Photographer of the Year award from San Francisco Magazine, and as a photographer, exhibits internationally in galleries and universities.

Abruzzese’s work is driven by his interest in the photographs inherent duality as a medium of expression and representation. Interests in engineering and problem solving, new technologies, speculative futures, landmarks, repetition, traces and monuments form the underlying framework of his practice. Abruzzese’s working methods are experimental and process driven. He is drawn to subjects that are both familiar and often overlooked, and uses photographic techniques to transform the mundane into something extraordinary or ambiguous. Collisions with traditional interpretations of the landscape, architecture or portraiture are met through the unconventional use film selection, documentary process, exposure and digital techniques, making small incursions into perceptions of photography’s perceived indexicality.