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Harry Moore

Born July 15, 1952 (Luanshya Zambia)

Moore has maintained a multi diciplinary practice in Ireland since 1990 specialising in photography, pinhole, cinematography and timelapse and soundworks.

He began experimenting with photographic processes whilst at college, making panoramic and pinhole cameras, as well as video, performance, sculpture and sound works. 

He engages in collaborations with other artists in all areas of his practice including Gaitkrash theatre Company.


Appears in

  • 2006 Shadowlands Cork, Cork City Council 978-0-9549847-4-8

Awards and honours

  • 2003 Lunar Clock, Backwater Artist Group / Cork City Council, Cork
  • 2007 Shadowlands, Cork City Council, Cork
  • 2007 New County Hall, Cork County Council, Cork


Solo exhibitions

  • 2019 Leviathan, Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival, Birr, Co. Offaly
  • 2015 Atrium, Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin, November – 29 Jan 1
  • 2014 Reviews of Cork, Deep South, Cork September 2014 –September 2015
  • 2011 Looking at You Looking at Me Tom Barry’s Bar, Cork Artist’s Collective, Jun
  • 2011 Out and About, Quay Coop, Cork April – July
  • 2009 New Perspectives, James Barry Exhibition Centre, MUT, Cork March – Apr
  • 2008 Shadowlands, Cork City Council Hall, Cork, June 2008 – August 2009
  • 2007 Contemporary Pinhole Photography,  University College Cork, April – May
  • 2005 Integrity of Structure, Galley 8- Tigh Fili, Cork Oct
  • 2001 Elements, University College Cork, Nov

Group exhibitions

  • 2022 Images Are All We Have, PhotoIreland Festival, Dublin launch 7th Jul – 25 Aug 2
  • 2019 From The Darkroom, Sample Studios, Cork 14 Nov– 23 Nov 3
  • 2018  Save Cork City, Love The Lee, Cork, Nov
  • 2018 One Here Now Restoration,  Sirius Arts Centre, Cork 20th Apr -15th May 2019 4 
  • 2016 Detail, Cork Photo, Cork, Jul
  • 2015 Olive, The Guesthouse, Cork Aug
  • 2012 Members Show, Lavit Gallery, Cork Feb
  • 2011 Christmas Show, Lavit Gallery, Cork, Dec 
  • 2011 Hungry Mind, Irish Wave China, Beijing Shanghai Feb
  • 2011 Contemporary China, Irish Wave Exhibitions, Cork Feb
  • 2010 Bitter Sweet, Cork County Council, Macroom, Co. Cork, Aug
  • 2010 Tears Trash and Decay, Yarra Sculpture Space, Victoria, Australia Aug
  • 2010 Postcards From The Celtic Tiger, Xuhai Arts Museum, Shanghai, China Jul
  • 2010 Twenty Ten. Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Apr – May
  • 2010 Bitter Sweet, Doswell Art Gallery, Rosscarberry, Co Cork Feb
  • 2009 Second Cities, Graz Austria Oct –Nov
  • 2009 A Tale of Two Cities, Ballybofey,  Co Donegal Jul
  • 2009 A Tale of Two Cities, Sirius Arts Centre, Co Cork, Mar
  • 2008 A Tale of Two Cities Barristers Gallery, New Orleans Nov 5
  • 2008 Second Cities, Kosice, Slovakia, Oct – Nov
  • 2004 C2,  Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Dec – Jan 2005
  • 2004 Art in The Cathedral,  Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork Jun
  • 2003 Art in The Cathedral,  Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork Jun
  • 2002 Art in The Cathedral,  Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork Jun
  • 2002 Touring exhibition, Backwater Artist’s Group Jan
  • 2001 Touring exhibition, Cork Printmakers, Sep
  • 2001 Art in The Cathedral,  Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork Jun
  • 2000 The Martha Show, Tigh Fili, Cork, Sept
  • 2000 Art in The Cathedral,  Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork Jun
  • 2000 Bus Station, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, May
  • 1999 Flying Without Falling, Art Trail, Cork, Nov
  • 1999 In House, Cork Artist’s Collective, Cork, Nov
  • 1999 Being at the Right Place at the Right Time, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork May


Pinhole perceptions of dining experience (on-going)

“Real truth lies, if anywhere, not in facts, but in nuance”.  John Le Carré. 

Pinhole photography captures a discernable ambience and atmosphere of the dining environment, rather than the detail of the constituents that govern traditionally accepted photographic rendition.
The architecture of the room remains consistent, though the light is subject to change. People become elusive ghosts, unidentifiable, but present to varying degrees, sometimes composites of more than one person. The movement of the plate and tableware settings, glasses, chairs and, sometimes even tables register as overlaid multiples.
Sometimes the activity that has transpired is as tangible as the wake of a boat that has disappeared, as fluid as weather nuances and inferring commitment to the substances on the tables.


Artist Studio (on-going)

Pinhole photography
Using the long exposures from 20 minutes to several hours to record the ambient nature of artists studio whist they are working. The nature of the artist’s practice can implicate whether they are rendered visible in the image, frequently there is barely any impression of their presence. 


Star-scape (on-going)
During the first lockdown in 2020 my limited subject matter took me to recording star trails with the inclusion of air traffic and light pollution. This is a practice I am continuing to follow.



2020 01 Lewis Glucksman Gallery Indie Cork Film Festival, Cork


2020 Numberwitch  IndieCork Film Festival, Cork


2020 Read This Text at Medium Speed IndieCork Film Festival


2021 Promethius Now, Gaitkrash, cork


2021 Killing Stella, Gaitkrash, Cork


2020 – 2021 Dock 

When gatherings and performances were almost impossible a loose group of artists and performers using movement and sound gathered on a Quayside or in an empty warehouse on Kennedy Quay, Cork. I recorded and made treatments of the improvisations. which can be seen and heard here:


2017 Sagarmatha, also known as ‘Mount Everest’.(Performance)

The Everest mountain range used to be an ocean bed/ coastline, elevated by the collision of tectonic plates of the Indian continent and Asia, closing the Tethys Ocean, which no longer exists apart from sedimentary rocks.
Harry Moore and Kathy D’Arcy spent some time walking in the Himalayas shortly before the earthquakes in 2015.
‘Sagarmatha’ a performed narrative, fuses their separate experiences into an immersive multimedia performance, celebrating the dangerous beauty of the highest place in the world, its people and its sometimes unprepared visitors . . .


2011 The Third Policeman (Performance)

A reading of the complete “The Third Policeman” by Flann O’Brien, narrated by actor, Justin Scannell with live improvised sound design by Harry Moore and Francis Heery serialised in five readings over 5 days.
Each reading takes two hours with a 10-minute interval.