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A Dublin-based freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist, Hugh Quigley grew up in rural Tipperary, spending much of his time outdoors in the Golden Vale around his home. Hugh’s work focuses on humanity’s attempts to control, utilize and co-exist with the natural world -with a general interest in biodiversity and ethnography. His self-published photobook, Laws of the Leash, generated critical interest for its thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of the controversial sport of coursing, which involves the capture of wild hares for use in Greyhound racing. A selection of images from the book was highly commended by the picture editor of The Guardian, having made the final of Source magazine’s 2019 graduate competition. Hugh’s coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to Dublin in 2018, titled Hospes, has also recently been published by The Library Project and is available through the PhotoIreland website. Hugh has a bachelor’s degree in photography from IADT Dún Laoghaire and a particular passion for medium-format film. Hugh also has recent by-lines in Dublin Inquirer and Point.51 Magazine. Available for commissions and prints upon request. 1

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