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Joby Hickey

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Joby Hickey is a visual artist based in Dublin. He was apprenticed to his father, the painter and etcher Patrick Hickey and lived in Dun Laoghaire for most of his childhood. He studied Fine Art in Dun Laoghaire Art School from 1992 / 94 before leaving to concentrate on film studies and work with David Shaw Smith on a series of documentaries.

Since 2009, Hickey has had a parallel research practice into analogue photographic techniques and has developed a unique set of photographic skills. He builds his own cameras from found materials and recycled lenses, makes hand made negative plates and uses analogue production techniques. These processes were honed through trial and experimentation. To date some of the research images have been shown as digital prints in solo shows at Galerie G11, Berlin (2011), Sebastian Guinness Gallery, Dublin (2012) and shortlisted for the first Alliance Francaise Photography Award (2011).1

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