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  • First Dead Man Buried Under Soil (2021)

    There is a part of Ireland’s history which includes a mysterious enclave that entwines with the very soul of mankind: a coastal site named Árd Ladhrann in County Wexford. Between myth and matter, shivers and shapes, land and sea, lies Ladra, the first dead man buried under Irish soil. In the eleventh century Book of Invasions, its manuscript records the origins of the ancient Irish from the creation of the world, to the myth of the man Ladra and the beyond. These environments inspired Kate Swift to unearth this hidden story, which is intertwined with an exploration of her own unconscious roots and childhood attachments to Wexford. A universal story grounded in ancestral roots, it questions mortality and the mystery a landscape can retain and how a story that predates history can be resurrected through the visceral medium of photography. Working intuitively, Swift sought to unearth the deeper existence and soul of this land, its people, past and present. 1
  • Beyond Covid (2020)
    As a photographer Kate found herself in the liminal Covid space. Separated from the normal past and not yet integrated into the post Covid future, it mirrored her own existential journey and the psychological jeopardy of a transitional space in her professional and personal life.Observing this phenomena she recognised that there was still life in nature beyond Covid’s social upheaval. Observing the turbulent impact on the social system and the non-impact on the eco-nature system, she captured how nature continues undisturbed during a pandemic by viewing it through a Covid-lens.Using red film to make the invisible threat visible, she hoped that the eco-social and eco-nature systems once again integrate into a unitive state beyond this transition in the world.2

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