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Maria Maarbjerg

Born 1986 (Location)

Maria Maarbjerg (b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Dublin. Working primarily with photography and performance, her practice revolves around questions of national identity, societal changes and her Scandinavian cultural heritage. Her style favours a nostalgic expression, with a formal concern with shapes, lines and textures. Her photos are all shot on film and deliberately contain blur, grains and dust, which gives her works an archival and retrospective style, where the viewers interpretation completes the works.1

Bio & Career

Maria is a former student on Fatamorgana, Copenhagen, and holds a Bachelor (hons.) in Fine Art from Dublin School of Creative Arts at Technological University Dublin.

In 2020 she was awarded an RDS Visual Art Award and the Digital Media Graduate Award in Fire Station Artists Studio. In 2021 she received A4 Sounds Studio’s We Only Want the Earth Studio Residency with an exhibition in A4 Sounds Gallery in October 2021, while her piece ode to changes was displayed in RHA Gallery from November 2021 to January 2022. She is currently a studio artist in The Complex, Dublin. 2

Awards and honours

  • 2021, Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary Award, Dublin
  • 2021, Arts Council Agility Award, Dublin
  • 2021, We Only Want the Earth Studio Residency Award, A4 Sounds Studio, Dublin
  • 2020, RDS Visual Art AwardR.C. Lewis-Crosby, Dublin
  • 2020, Fire Station Digital Media Award, Dublin
  • 2020, Best Studentship Award, TU Dublin


Solo exhibitions

  • 2021, ode to changes, RHA, Dublin
  • 2021, Next to None, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin

Group exhibitions

  • 2019, Metaphysics, TU Dublin
  • 2018, Convergence, TU Dublin
  • 2018, Polyphony, TU Dublin
  • 2012, Fatamorgana Sommerudstilling, Carlsberg Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
  • 2011, Fatamorgana Vinterudstilling, Gallopperiet, Christiania, Copenhagen,

External links & References

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