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Maurice Gunning MFA, is an award winning Irish photographer and documentary filmmaker. Appointed to the position of artist in residence at many cultural institutions, Gunning continues to exhibit internationally with support from the Irish Arts Council and Culture Ireland. Investing considerable time into the research and making of his work, he has received the Irish Centre for Human Rights photography prize in collaboration with UNESCO. He is currently a member of the advisory panel with the PhotoIreland Foundation. Since 2016, Gunning has been the photographer and art director with Irish music label, Raelach Records, and continues in his role as photographer in residence with the Irish World Academy. The Irish Traditional Music Archive appointed Gunning as their artist in residence for 2019 in collaboration with Jack Talty. They will compose an audio-visual installation that explores the relationship between music, people, and place, specifically drawing on ITMA multimedia collections of traditional music and musicians of county Clare as its primary inspiration.