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Niamh Barry is a self-taught film photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. You will often find Niamh capturing moments that normally go unseen through her analog street photography, working with fellow creatives to capture varying artistic visions, and, most notably, exploring queer experiences within Irish society.

She magnifies queer Irish identities through portraiture and documentary photography, conveying the intimate moments and emotions of queer life in a country marked by the rigid sexual mores of Catholicism. Through her work, she hopes to shed a humanizing light on Ireland’s queer citizens, especially those that do not fit within traditional notions of Irish femininity, masculinity, or sexuality. Her work such as “Queer Hearts of Dublin” and most recently, “No Queer Apologies”, encourages spectators to connect with her subjects as individuals and as a community. Seeing this as a collective effort to call upon fellow queer Irish artists to serve as her subjects and collaborations, her overall work is simultaneously a call for solidarity and a call to action.1

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