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Niamh Swanton

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Niamh Swanton is an Irish based photographer.  Working in solitude she creates images which depict the human condition.  Influenced by both psychology and dream symbolism. Swanton acts through performance and staged photography to build tangible forms of thoughts and emotions. Her work utilizes colour, humour and the oddity behind everyday objects. Although the issues raised in Swanton’s work are innate to the human condition, the images act as a means of personal mediation.  Whilst the narratives she creates are totally imagined, the images act in a way to invoke a space where we question the relationship we have with ourselves.

Niamh Swanton graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in 2019. Since then she has gone on to exhibit her work in galleries such as Lismore Castle Arts and Crawford Gallery, along with publications in Source Magazine and Bloomers.1

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