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Rachel Glass

Born 28, January, 1993, (Craigavon, Northern Ireland)

Rachel Glass (b. 1993) is a Visual Artist/ Photographer. Originally from Northern Ireland, she is currently based in London. Glass completed a Masters from the Royal College of Art (2018) and a Ba (hons) from University of Ulster (2014) She has been published in Source Photographic Review and her accolades include being named ‘British Journal One’s to Watch 2015’ and Belfast Exposed ‘Future’s Artist 2019.’ Glass’ practise is created through exploring personal experience, careful observation and exploring how human nature manifests in society. Rooted in the ‘real life’ the concepts are often played out in abstracted ways which creates more open possibilities for narratives. Each project incorporate the themes identity, connection and perspective with the final outcome being representative of the larger themes which direct her practise and at the same time unique to the specific project. Her aesthetic runs true throughout her work. Glass currently works in education as a Photography Lecturer and as a Fashion Photographer for leading retailers.

Awards and honours

  • 2014, Lens Based Art Award, Royal Dublin Society, Ireland
  • 2014, The Inaugural Jill Todd University of Ulster Photography Award, Ulster University & The Jill Todd Trust, Northern Ireland
  • 2014, Award for Outstanding Students, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts & Ulster University, Northern Ireland


Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions

  • 2022, L’Irlande de Martin Parr, Ailbhe Greaney and Nora Hickey M’Sichili, Centre Culturel Irlandais (Paris Photo), Paris, France, 11th November – 8th January 2023 3
  • 2022, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, PhotoIreland, Dublin Castle, July
  • 2022, Coruscate, MK College Atrium, January
  • 2019, Synthetic Restoration, Collective Strategies; Pic London; Lewisham Art House;October
  • 2019, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, Bodies in Movement; Loosen Art, Rome City, Feb
  • 2019, The Domestic Aviary, When Words Hurt, Let’s Talk About Loss, Nottingham
  • 2019, 209 Women- Karen Bradley MP; Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, March
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, Open Source, Open Eye Gallery; December
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, Open Eye Gallery Instagram Takeover#oegtakeover
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, Friends of Interpretable Spaces, Degree’s of Freedom; St. Augustine’s Tower Hackney, London; October
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts; Ulster Museum Belfast; October
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, PIP; The 18th China Pingyao International Photography Festival (UK tertiary student photography) September
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, RCA SHOW; Battersea, London; June
  • 2018, Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy, 209 Women- Karen Bradley MP; Portcullis House, Westminster, Uk; December
  • 2017, Work In Progress, OFFPRINT London (RCA Table) Tate Modern; May
  • 2017, Work In Progress, Royal College of Art W.I.P Show; January
  • 2017, The Domestic Aviary, Format Festival 2017: Habitat 17’ ; March
  • 2015, The Domestic Aviary, British Journal of Photography "One's to Watch" at Rencontres d'Arles (L'Experience Magazine) July
  • 2015, The Domestic Aviary, Carlisle Photo Festival 'Visualising the Animal' July
  • 2015, The Domestic Aviary, Framewerk Gallery March
  • 2015, The Domestic Aviary, Barcelona International Photography Awards Galeria Valid Foto 2015
  • 2015, Nine Lives’, Curated by Emmett Scanlon; June 201 (Design Museum London, Kilkenny Arts Festival Ireland)
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, Jill Todd Photographic Award Exhibition StreetLevel PhotoWorks;October
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, PIP; The 14th China Pingyao International Photography Festival (UK tertiary student photography)
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, Open Minds University of Ulster Degree Show, Belfast June
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts January
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, RDS Student Art Awards Exhibition, Dublin
  • 2014, The Domestic Aviary, RDS Student Art Awards Travelling Exhibition, Limerick
  • 2014, Is Love Really like a Taylor Swift Song?, Backlight Photo Festival Tempere Finland
  • 2013, Safe Places, Belfast Photo Festival (T13 and Crescent Arts Centre) June
  • 2013, Letting Go, Belfast Photo Festival (The John Hewitt) June


  • Synthetic Restoration (in collaboration with Debbie Naylor) (2019)
    Attention restoration theory, suggests that looking at nature – even just imagery – can shift the brain into a different processing mode, making employees feel more relaxed and better able to concentrate.
    This work aims to cast light on the now common strategy of implementing natural elements, although fake, to the workplace environment. The research is spearheaded by large corporations who want to be seen as looking after the mental wellbeing of their employees. The images of plants take the shape of polaroid lifts. Delicate and unique, the ‘lifts’ are presented and pinned similar to a conserved butterfly collection.


  • Abstract Negotiations of Intimacy (2018)
    This project investigates the real life experience of touch juxtaposed against a psychological narrative, which considers the body as a singular entity in the world. Touch is not just a haptic contact but an emotional bond between ourself and our world. The skin functions as our threshold. Without touch a ‘void’ emerges – the interaction between body and world become detached. Seeking out platonic human-to-human touch in
    unconventional and abstract ways has become a resultant ramification for living in a culture of
    touch deprivation.


  • The Domestic Aviary (2014)
    A visual metaphor of our own conscious understanding of freedom and its limits and possibilities. Despite this offering of freedom the question arises of its restrictions and wonder if the birds should not have been left in the wild to live the life they were intended. Leaving us unaware of the protection the owners are providing of the birds who were born tame, they cannot survive in the wild. The birds themselves have become members of the
    family; nurtured and cared for. ‘If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing’. Coco Chanel.


  • Is Love Really like a Taylor Swift Song? (2013)
    Love is a complex and dynamic part of life. Falling in Love is an experience that people cherish and celebrate. It is one we (particularly girls) dream about. The girls in these photographs have never been in love yet they are as invested in the idea as someone on their wedding day. There are 100’s of songs written by artists about how amazing love is and how the songwriter experienced it. In these portraits the girls are singing songs which they have chosen because they feel have given them an insight into the experience. Their facial expressions and body language demonstrate how they are lost in the moment.


  1. 1
  2. 2022, Opening the Gates ‘Images are all we have’, Angel Luis Gonzalez Fernandez, The Printworks (PhotoIreland Festival), Dublin, Ireland, 7th July – 25th August 2