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Robbie Mullins is an Irish Artist located between Berlin and Dublin. His photographic work varies from studio based conceptual portraiture, LGBTQ commentary, mental health awareness and most recently a series titled “Boundless” which is plays with the social construction of gender through deconstructed body portraiture.”Boundless” was recently exhibited in Steambox studios in Dublin apart of the Photo Ireland Festival. The next project to be launched is a Magazine named “Still Issues”, a portrait and Q&A publication which comments on the issues that remain within the LGBTQ community “I decided to create this magazine to shine light on issues that are still very prevalent in the LGBTQ community. The marriage referendum, which passed May of last year, created a national conversation surrounding the community’s future. The strives and progress made did not go unnoticed but i believe there are a substantial amount of issues remaining in the community that need to be discussed and action taken. “Other work titled “My Given Colours” which reflects on his own experience growing up gay in Ireland and comments on the underrepresented relationship between Nation and community. Other exhibited work of Robbie’s Include his piece titled “An Agitated state” taken from his book of the same title. The work taken from his collection focused on the theme of anxiety, the work was shown in Dublin’s Exchange Gallery. Robbie is also known for his commercial work. His most recognised work in this area would be his involvement in QOD’s advertisement campaign for a range of beauty products which was visible nationwide. Robbie was Director and photographer for both product and fashion shoots. Robbie is a graduate with a first class Honours degree in Photography in The Institute for Art Design and technology in Dun Laoghaire.