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Tessy Ehiguese

By 25th April 2022June 14th, 2022Individuals, Artists

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Tessy Ehiguese is a Creative Digital Media Graduand from the Technological University of Dublin, Ireland.  She specialises in Photography and Multimedia production. Professionally she is known as Tessy Media.1

Bio & Career

Originally from Nigeria but raised in Dublin she works as a freelance photographer. She is passionate about creative direction and has built a varied portfolio of work.
Her clients include people in fields such as Fashion, Beauty, Music, ECommerce etc; who commission her for commercial photography work.
A clean, bold, graphic style has become the hallmark of her work. Which incorporates graphic design, fine-art and traditional photography. 
Her photographic works have been featured in various print and online magazines such as, IMAGEHot PressALHAUS issue 6, Dublin Live, The Independent Weekend Magazine, issue 5 of Slight Motif and much more.
She aims to create work that is both captivating and thought provoking. Whilst collaborating as a creative director with others in Ireland and abroad. 2