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Tinnakorn Nukul
Tinnakorn Nukul

Tinnakorn Nukul

Born 1973, March 1 

Tinnakorn Nukul is a Thai Photographer and Visual Artist based in Waterford, Ireland. In 2003 he has been showing his work since his first exhibition of black and white photographs that he developed himself. Since then, he has created photographs in many different forms, such as Documentary, Street Photography, Manipulated Photography, Conceptual Photography and Installation Photography. 2014 He received an award as one of the Top Ten Worldwide Photo Walk Winners 7th by Scott Kelby, USA and 2016 he received the 3rd of Thailand National Award by Sony World Photography Awards, UK.


Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions


Life@Sea (2012-2018)

I love the atmosphere of the seaside. The exposure to the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, and just being in this blue open space makes me feel calm and relaxed. I think the majority of people feel this way. Unfortunately every year we add millions of tons of plastic waste to the marine environment. In the past few years, people around the world have felt that the climate has fluctuated. This is probably the result of global warming which we are causing and also being affected by it. I can’t imagine life by the sea in the future, what will become of it?

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Irish Windows (2012)

I have had the opportunity to live in Ireland for 7 months. I observed and was interested in their various forms of windows…from the outside looking in and from the inside looking out… reflecting the way of life, society and culture of the Irish.

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