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André Frère Éditions

Founded  2013
Location Association Ce qu’il nous reste à voir, 42, rue Saint Saëns, 13001 Marseille

André Frère was a Co-founder and publisher at Images En Manoeuvres Éditions , after having obtained the Nadar Prize in 2011 with Jean Christian Bourcart for the book Camden and in July 2012 the “Prix du livre historique” at the Rencontres d’Arles for the book Les livres de photographie of Latin America by Horacio Fernandez, he created André Frère Éditions in 2013, a house specifically focused on the field of photography which publishes between 6 and 10 titles a year, 75 titles in the catalog to date. 1


André Frère Éditions publishes monographic works of renowned photographers but also of many emerging photographers, he is also developing a collection of interview books “Just between us” with seven titles produced today.

Coming from the graphic arts and artistic director by training, André Frère has always endeavored in his productions to explore the work of form, materials and graphics, each book is adapted to the work of the photographer in order to serve him and best express.

André Frère Éditions is distributed by Pollen/Cedif for France and French-speaking countries and by IdeaBooks, based in Amsterdam for international markets. He participates in numerous fairs and festivals in France and abroad. 2


Selected photography books by organisation

  • 2019, Bobby Sands: Belfast, mai 1981, Yan Morvan


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