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Broadstone Studios

Founded  1997
Location 22 Harcourt Terrace, Dublin 2

Broadstone Studios, the workplace of 34 professional high profile visual artists, closed in July 2015 after 18 successful years. The studios were an independent, dedicated visual arts studio workspace that were founded in 1997 by visual artist Jacinta Lynch. 1


‘The studios were originally set up in January 1997 by two artists in direct response to the critical absence of available studio space within Dublin’s city centre. It began with a core of nine artists and no funding. The organisation has grown considerably since then. In July 1998 the studios expanded the existing 5000 sq.ft industrial unit, into a second unit of 2000 sq.ft, supporting a total of 22 individual studios spaces.

In November 1997 Broadstone was awarded capital funding from the Arts Council, and revenue funding from 1998 to present. With this assistance and the continued  support from the Arts Council and the commitment of the artists involved Broadstone continues to evolve within the parameters of available resources to facilitate the basic needs of professional visual artists.

The studios have since this time relocated to a new building on Harcourt Terrace within the city centre, expanding the number of studios available to 30, in addition to a large ground floor space for public engagement, exhibitions and projects.’  Updated on 28th September 2013 on Broadstone Studios site 2

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