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Centre for Creative Practices

Founded  2009

Founded in 2009, Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is an award-winning, not for profit organisation dedicated to connecting, integrating, and promoting Migrant Artists, Migrant Arts and Culturally Diverse Arts Communities and developing intercultural arts practices in Ireland.

They are committed to professionally supporting Migrant Artists, Migrant Arts and Culturally Diverse Arts Communities, effectively showcasing and further developing their talents and enabling them to access resources, the local arts scene and promote cultural diversity. They help migrant and culturally diverse artists to fulfil their creative potential for their own and societal benefit.

CFCP is widely acknowledged to be a champion facilitator of intercultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory artistic practices, a potent catalyst for positive intercultural collaborations and a pro-active innovator and pioneer in creative entrepreneurship training, providing artists in Ireland with the professional skills necessary to build sustainable careers. 1

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