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Franco Cosimo Panini Editore

Founded  1989
Location Via Giardini 474 / D – Directional 70, 41124 Modena – Italy

‘Art books, prestigious editions, essays on history and culture: these are the publications that have marked the identity of Franco Cosimo Panini Editore right from the start. The scientific rigor and the artistic quality of the volumes – from the precious limited edition facsimiles to the small editions dedicated to the history of art – have made the publishing house one of the most authoritative in the sector. The flagship of the publishing house are the series ” Mirabilia Italiae “, the series of volumes dedicated to the main monuments of our artistic heritage, and ” The Impossible Library “, facsimile editions of Renaissance illuminated manuscripts.Dario Fo is dedicated to the greatest Italian painters, inspired by the highly successful art lessons interpreted by the Nobel Prize.’ 1


Franco Cosimo Panini founded the publishing house that bears his name in 1989, after the sale of the famous sticker company created together with his brothers. Until then, the name Panini was synonymous with stickers album : a global success that began in 1960 with the publication of the first, historic collection dedicated to footballers. In the following years, Panini Figurine – led by the brothers Giuseppe, Benito, Umberto and Franco Cosimo – became the world’s leading company in the sector, with the production and distribution of all kinds of albums: history, geography, science, entertainment, sport. , tv and cartoons. But already at the end of the seventies Panini no longer deals only with stickers. Driven by a passion for art and publishing, Franco Cosimo Panini gives life to oneBooks Division specialized in the publication of historical and artistic texts.

1989 is the year of the turning point. The Panini brothers sell the sticker company and Franco Cosimo takes over the Books Division, founding a new publishing house: Franco Cosimo Panini Editore . The logo chosen for the publishing house is inspired by the typographic brand of Domenico Rococciolo, the first Modenese printer – reveals Franco Cosimo’s great passion for old books , which he loves to collect, but also the close link with his city, Modena , where the publishing house is based.

In the field of art books – the “heart” of the publishing house – Franco Cosimo Panini launches two ambitious projects, both of the highest scientific and cultural value: on the one hand, the publication of facsimile editions of precious illuminated manuscripts, which began with the creation of the famous Bible of Borso d’Este; on the other, the birth of the ” Mirabilia Italiæ ” series, the most complete and exhaustive series of volumes ever made on the main monuments of our country. Editorial projects that are worth to the publishing house the Culture Award for the year 2002, conferred by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Among the numerous art and history publications made in the following years,and dedicated to the greatest Italian painters, inspired by the art lessons of the Nobel Prize himself.

From an intuition of her daughter Laura – alongside her father in the leadership of the publishing house – in 1992 Comix was born , a humor and comic book that launches characters such as Fabio Fazio, Luciana Littizzetto, Fabio De Luigi and Daniele Luttazzi. The huge success of the tabloid led to the publication of a series of humorous books and, in 1994, of the school diary of the same name . It will be the latter to become the most popular product of the publishing house in a short time: today Comix is ​​the best-selling school diary in Italy with a circulation of over one million and three hundred thousand copies.

In the meantime, Franco Cosimo Panini takes over Malipiero di Ozzano Emilia, a historic brand in children’s publishing and for the stationery channel. Thus was born the Franco Panini Scuola , specialized in the production and distribution of paper products for school, accessories for free time, gadgets and gift ideas. Between proprietary brands and licensed brands, the company’s assets include over twenty brands known nationally and worldwide. With the Franco Panini Scuola brand, the publishing house conquers a leadership position in the segment above all thanks to the production of school diaries and agendas .

The acquisition of Malipiero also marks the entry into the children’s publishing sector , first with the Franco Panini Ragazzi brand, then as Franco Cosimo Panini Editore. In 1994 the successful partnership with Altan begins , with the publication of the stories of one of the most loved characters of the very young: Pimpa. In 2001 Giulio Coniglio made his debut, created by Nicoletta Costa , who immediately knew an extraordinary success. The catalog is enriched with new titles and new series – from pop-up books to the acclaimed “Zerotre” line – and specializes in the age group 0–8 years.

After the death of Franco Cosimo Panini, which took place in 2007, the helm of the company passes to his daughter Laura , who for several years has been alongside her father in the management of the publishing house. At her side, her brother Luca , CEO of the company since 2012, and her sisters Silvia , Maria Teresa and Lucia lead the publishing house. 2


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