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Green on Red Gallery

Founded  1992
Location Park Lane, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland.

The Green On Red Gallery began in 1992. They represent contemporary artists, both Irish and international. The programme is based on 10-11 solo exhibitions and 1-2 group or thematic exhibitions per year.  Green On Red participates annually in international art fairs and the gallery’s artists regularly exhibit abroad in both private and public venues.1


Selected exhibitions

  • 2020, April, Waste to Energy/Energy to Waste, Ronan McCrea, Green on Red Gallery at Art Brussels 2020
  • 2019, Screentime, featuring Paper Rad/Cory Arcangel, Alan Butler, Ben Jones, Conor McGarrigle, David O’Reilly and They Are Here.
  • 2018, Figures in a Landscape, Tom Hunter
  • 2017, HELIOSYNTH, Alan Butler
  • 2016, MATERIAL(s), Ronan McCrea
  • 2008, 8 Feb – 8 Mar, Framework/Rupture, Dennis McNulty

External links & References

  1. “About” Green on Red