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The Orchard Gallery

Founded  1978
Closure 2003
Location 18 Orchard Street, Derry BT48 6EG Northern Ireland

“The Orchard Gallery opened in Derry in 1978. It was set up by Derry City Council, which appointed a then young artist and art teacher, Declan McGonagle, as its first exhibition director. The second largest city of Northern Ireland did not have any artistic infrastructure at the time, and the Orchard was launched as an attempt to make up for this absence. From the outset, the artistic programme of the gallery aimed to exhibit a range of practitioners, both emerging and established, and coming from diverse geographical horizons, who were asked to produce works specifically for the gallery. The work had to respond to ‘the gallery’s ethos, which was about the place, and the interaction and the relationship between the artist who comes from outside and the place’. ” 1