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Onestar Press

Founded  2000
Location 49 rue Albert, 75013 Paris, France

Founded in 2000 by Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia, Onestar press’s collaboration with a truly global and diverse group of artists has resulted in the publication of more than three hundred artists’ books. Paris based, Onestar is an active presence at workshops, conferences, and art and artists’ book fairs. Their publications are collected internationally by individual collectors, museums, and libraries. Editions are generally limited to 250 copies, and the cost is usually less than fifty Euros, making them accessible to a broad constituency.  1


The overall production of onestar press includes more than 300 books, 300 multiples and artists’ films since 2000. The space and freedom given to artists, the flexibility in the realization of their concepts, the access to and use of new technologies have allowed onestar press to collaborate with international artists on a variety of projects.

The vision of onestar press, concerning contemporary creation, remains non-didactic and diversified. These beliefs translate through the publication of artists from different generations, countries and attitudes. This action serves as a means to constitute a subjective “encyclopedia”, as a reflection of our civilization.

onestar press stopped publishing new projects at the end of 2019 after twenty years of activity.


Selected photography books by organisation

  • 2013, some surfaces on which patterns occur, Isabel Nolan

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