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Secker & Warburg

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Secker & Warburg

Secker & Warburg

Founded  1936
Location London

Secker & Warburg was formed in 1936 by the merger of the firms of Martin Secker and Frederic Warburg. The British publishing company became renowned for its anti-fascist and anti-communist political stance, a position that opposed the ethos of many intellectuals of the time. 1


Secker & Warburg is a publishing company formed in 1936 by the merger of Martin Secker’s publishing firm with Frederic Warburg’s. The company took an anti-facist and anti-Soviet stance and published among other writers George Orwell (after his departure from Victora Gollancz), Cedric Dover, D. H. Lawrence, C. L. R. James, Frank Moraes, and Ram Gopal. In 1951 the company became an imprint of Heinemann, later merged with Harvill and, as Harvill Secker, is now part of the Random House group.2

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