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Uspecto Images

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Uspecto Images

Uspecto Images

Location Dublin

Uspecto is a photojournalism agency based in Dublin, Ireland created by freelance photographers: Tomasz Bereska, Sebastian Hesse, Krzysztof Maniocha, Norma Manly and Tomasz Szustek. They derived their brand name from words of the two most important languages of the past and present of Western civilization- Latin and English. Uspecto didn’t choose random words just because they sound nice but they deliberately combined the two most important words for them. You (U) – refers to the people who will look at Uspecto’s photos but also You – the people who feature in their photo stories. Then the Latin word specto (to watch, to look at) defines what is crucial for Uspecto in terms of communication and sharing their point of view. 1


Selected photography books by organisation

  • 2014, Visual Notes from the Recession Time: Ireland 2008 – 2013, Tom Szustek


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