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Beyond Reach Ethna O’Regan
Beyond Reach Ethna O’Regan


Beyond Reach
Ethna O’Regan
Kehrer Verlag
German and English

Texts by Katja Lange-Muller


Limited Edition 25 and 25 of 1000, Signed
Signed limited edition print 10 of 35  175 x 135 mm
220 x 260 mm
112 pages
ISBN 97838682894042019

If one now embarks on a journey on foot or by bike along the 91 mile-long so-called Mauerweg (the wall trail) along the former border between West Berlin and Brandenburg, one is struck by the abundance of lush growth and woodland around the circumference of the city. But, travelling along the trail, now and again you come across memorials to people – often male, often young – who lost their lives trying to cross the border from East to West. At least 140 people were killed along the Berlin Wall or died as a direct result of the border regime between 1961 and 1989. In her book, Irish photographer Ethna O’Regan (b. 1971) takes the viewer on a visual journey using landscape as a metaphor in order to create a feeling of remembrance for the victims of the Berlin Wall. 1

About the Artist

Ethna O’Regan (1971, Galway) studied photography at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and received a BA Hons Degree, 2007. She has produced photographic series in Ireland, America, Germany and the Ukraine and has exhibited them internationally. 2

About the Publisher

Founded in 1995, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin specializes in books in the fields of photography, fine arts, and culture. Working together closely with international artists, authors, museums, and cultural institutions, Kehrer Verlag creates its publications in alliance with Kehrer Design. 3

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