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Lady of the Northside
Zoë Redmond and Liadh Connolly


Lady of the Northside

Lady of the Northside
Zoë Redmond and Liadh Connolly


36 pages
140 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available

The Lady of The Northside formed when Zoë Redmond began to question the symbolic figure of The Lady on the Rock – a porcelain statue which features prominently in the windows of working class homes in Dublin. The statue holds pride of place in many  of these windows and encouraged her to delve deeper into her own experience as a young woman growing up in Coolock. 1

About the Artist

Zoë Redmond is a multifaceted art director from Dublin.

Liadh Connolly is a Dublin based photographer. After graduating with a BA in Photography from IADT in 2016, she spent a year in New York which hugely influenced her photographic practice – its people and streetscapes becoming a huge inspiration to her work. Upon her return she discovered a similar connection with Dublin’s people and streetscapes. Both have become a driving force behind her work and form a backdrop to many of her images, energising and inspiring her. 2

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