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Bill Doyle

Born 1925, August 31st, (Dublin)
Died 2010, November 24th

The late Bill Doyle, a Dubliner, was one of Ireland’s leading documentary and artistic photographers; he won international awards for his work in Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA. 1

Bio & Career

Known as Ireland’s Cartier-Bresson, he fully subscribed to the renowned French photographer’s doctrine of “the decisive moment”, the art of being in the right place at the right time, with fast reflexes.

Interested in photography from an early age and largely self-taught, he became a full-time photographer in his early 40s. Throughout his career he favoured a Leica camera, although he also used a Rolliflex with its longer-format negatives; he worked mostly in black and white.

He never used a motor drive. “It’s too noisy, and anyway I only take the one picture. It’s all in the speed of the draw.”2


Appears in

  • 2007, Bill Doyle’s Ireland
  • 2001, Images of Dublin: A Time Remembered, Lilliput Press
  • 2000, Funeral Island, Veritas Publications
  • 1999, The Aran Islands: Another World, Lilliput Press

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