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Born 23rd April 1993 (Kilkenny)

Conor Palin-Stewart is a young Irish commercial and artistic photographer born in Kilkenny. Conor studied at IADT where he gained a first-class honours degree in photography. Conor’s artistic work focus on the world around him, documenting and responding to events in his life. Conor’s work has been featured on Source Online and The PupilSphere’s online graduate 2020 exhibition

Conor’s professional work has a broad spectrum from product photography to editorial style publications. Most notably Conor has worked with companies such as Siemens and Original Irish Hotels.


Photography books by Conor Palin-Stewart

  • 2019, Keeper, Dublin: Conor Palin-Stewart
  • 2018, Forma, Dublin: Conor Palin-Stewart

Awards and honours

  • 2020, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Photography – First Class, IADT, Dublin, Ireland


Group exhibitions

  • 2020 June The Pupil Sphere Graduate Showcase 2020, Amelia Lonsdale, Online Exhibition
  • 2020 May Source Graduate Photography Online, Online Exhibition 1
  • 2018 April Eighteen, Steambox, Dublin, Ireland


  • 3 Feet or 3 Miles (2020)

    This project documents the destruction of a small utopia near my family home. In which we kept, chickens, ducks, and most importantly, my dad kept beehives. The images in this project depict the landscape after the trees have been felled, vegetation cleared, and a fence has been constructed. The destruction of this landscape to make way for the building of houses has destroyed not only our space, but also the trees in which birds lived, and the variety of native plants that grew on the land. The silence is deafening, and the land is scarred. The photographs in the project depict the destruction of this area, which is a fundamental element of the rapid area that I called home. 2

  • Keeper (2019)

    This project and book encapsulates the work of my dad as a humble beekeeper. The process of making honey starts with the building of the hive. Then over the year the keeper maintains the hive and looks after the bee colony. All of the work the keeper carries out leads to the final product; pure raw honey, which he puts into jars, ready to be enjoyed. 3

  • Forma (2018)

    The body of work was created though a long time collaboration between myself and photographer Shauna Kinchella, for exhibition in 2018 in the group show for IADT second year students. The body of work is a study into shape and form of the human body, though the use of silhouettes in studio. 4


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