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David O’Mara is an Irish artist based in London and Kent. A graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin (Sculpture and Art History), he has won awards and participated in exhibitions in Ireland and the UK.1

Bio & Career

‘My artistic practice is concerned with the unwanted and the rejected; I am fascinated by the visual detritus of the urban environment. Over the years I have been selectively collecting the unwanted fragments that litter the streets of modern cities, because I see the ubiquitous wasted of the consumer society as the residue of an overburdened visual culture.

The rate at which visual images are generated has reached unprecedented levels, and the means of their projection permeates the very fabric of the urban environment. The sheer magnitude of this industry has exceeded the very perceptual capacities of the city dwellers, the target audience, while the incessant bombardment prevents all but a tiny volume to be consumed as intended.

This has resulted in huge swathes of surplus material, disposable media generating endless streams of excess visual material for which there is no use-value.

The acknowledgement of this phenomenon precipitated a crisis in my own working practice, and I struggled to justify my activity when it would only contribute to this confusion of visual messages. This predicament has informed my interpretation of the found images which I continue to collect in the urban environment.'”About” David O’Mara [/note]

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