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Gary Byrne graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Technological University Dublin. Byrne’s work encompasses a documentary style while exploring the blurred lines between documentary and fiction.
Landscape is often important in his work and a sense of place is explored through an array of photographs taking influence from the work of ‘New Topographics’ photography movement.


  • 18 Nautical Miles
    Gary Byrne’s project contemplates ‘Brexit’ and its implications for the islands of Ireland and Great Britain. Focusing on ports, seascapes and spaces around the south-east coast of England and Ireland, these photographs present a man-altered landscape and the crumbling sea walls and cliffs that delineate the borders of each island.
    A blurring of documentary evidence and fictional narrative takes place to show an imagined future – a dark, dreary and dystopian landscape. This work is a conceptual take on the many transformations being wrought by the separation of these islands from Europe, as the UK begins its political and legal separation from the EU.
    The title refers to the measurement of the shortest distance between the mainland of Europe and the English coast.