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A4 Sounds

Founded  2009
Location St Joseph’s Parade, Off Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1

A4 Sounds is a non-profit artist-run workspace and gallery in north-inner-city Dublin. It is one of the biggest artist-led spaces in Ireland, currently providing facilities and professional development supports to 80 artists. Their mission is to transform the means by which cultural works are produced, accessed, and understood in Ireland, and by doing so to contribute to the development of a more just society. Guided by feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and LGBT-inclusive politics, A4 Sounds supports artists and activists who fight for change.1


Selected exhibitions

  • 2022, Life, Mark Sebata 
  • 2022, Mother May I?, Rima Hamid 
  • 2021, IN CAHOOTS WITH THE EARTH!  A4 Sounds, Sample-Studios & Engage Art Studios Exhibition – Group Show 
  • 2021, Next to None, Maria Maarbjerg 
  • 2021, Akuma, Aifric Prior Beliere 
  • 2021, Our Demands Most Moderate Are, Fiadh Trevaskis Hoskin 
  • 2020, The patient will see you now, Áine O’Hara 
  • 2020, Liturgía, Imogen-blue Hinojosa 
  • 2019, Locale #3, A4 Members’ Show 2019 
  • 2019, C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 
  • 2018, Locale #2: Time to be home, group show 
  • 2018, Obedient City, Michelle Doyle 
  • 2018, Hymn of The Dawn, Katie O’Neill 
  • 2017, Locale #1, A4 Members’ Show 
  • 2017, Presenting the Cultural Quarter, Kerry Guinan 
  • 2017, Dr. Nadia Kelbova, Justyna Kielbowicz 
  • 2013, 100 Portraits of Varying Degrees of Success, Matt Hedigan

External links & References

  1. “About” A4 sounds