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Platform Arts

Founded 1999
Location Connswater Shopping Centre, 17-18 Bloomfield Ave, Belfast, BT5 5LP

Platform Arts is an artist-led studio group and contemporary art gallery based in Belfast. Their role is to actively promote creative expression, presentation, and access to contemporary art practice through Exhibition, Education and Studio Programmes.

Platform has a number of studio spaces that are rented to member artists in order to support their professional development. Platform Arts is committed to widening access to contemporary art in Northern Ireland. 1


Selected exhibitions

  • 2022, 18th – 31st March, Cathartic Heresy, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Eoin O’Dowd, Eleanor McCaughey, Richard Proffitt, Luxury Mollusc, Reija Meriläinen, Steve Maher, Switch Collective, curated by Eoin O’Dowd & Eleanor McCaughey.
  • 2021, 2nd – 23rd December, Platform Members Show
  • 2021, Nothing Alien is Human to Us, Tara McGinn
  • 2021, 12th – 30th January, On The Brink Of A Double Bummer, Rustan Söderling
  • 2019, 6th – 26th September, SpOre: Psychedelic Laughter, Col Self, Farvash Razavi, Fran Young, Joslyn Willauer, Mohammed Rowe, 011668 & vvxxii
  • 2019, 5th – 26th April, A 7th Woman, Marta Dyczkowska
  • 2019, 8th – 29th March, DISTORTION MAY VARY, Elise Beutner, Daniel Rode.
  • 2018, 6th – 29th December, PXVIII // Platform Arts Members Show, Alex Brunt, Jane Butler, Hannah Casey-Brogan, Rachael Campbell-Palmer, Gerard Carson, Aoife Earley, Hayley Gault, Andrew Glenn, Chris McCambridge, Damian Magee, Iolanda Rocha
  • 2018, Transcendental, Sinéad Keogh
  • 2018, Death in Geological Time, Amanda Rice
  • 2018, Semazen, Stephen Gunning
  • 2018, 8th – 30th June, The Valley, Simon Mills
  • 2018, 7th – 30th June, Life on Land, Steve McCullagh, curated by Emer Lynch.
  • 2018, 1st – 22nd February, STOP. STOP. STOP. Colin Darke, Peter Richards and Peter Spiers
  • 2017, 7th – 22nd April, “Th’ whole worl’ is in a terrible state o’ chassis”, Dervla Baker, Andrew McSweeney, David Mathuna, Kevin O’Shea, Niamh Cooney, curated by Emily O’Flynn
  • 2017, 3rd – 25th March, Making Scenes, Rachel Rankin
  • 2016, 4th – 24th November, WalkThrough, Iain Griffin, Alice Clark
  • 2016, 2nd-24th Sept, The Digital Gaze | T/PACS #2, Killian O’Dwyer, Darren Kirwan, Miguel Martin, Curated by Emily O’Flynn
  • 2016, 3rd June – 23rd July, Electroscapes, Arnold Koroshegyi
  • 2016, 8th – 23rd April, Nimbus, Jonny McEwen
  • 2016, 4th – 23rd March, Terra Incognita, Catherine Barrgary, Emma Houlihan, Kathryn Maguire, curated by Deirdre Morrissey.
  • 2016, 5th – 20th February, Knowledge and other myths, Avril Corroon, Eimear Walshe, Kerry Guinan, Renèe Helèna Browne, Saoirse Wall and Tara McKeon.
  • 2015, 4th – 19th December, PXV, Platform Members Show, Rachael Campbell-Palmer, Hannah Casey, Liam Crichton, Erin Hagan, Michael Hanna, David Mahon, Miguel Martin, Hannah McBride, Hugh O’Donnell, Iolanda Rocha, Catherine Roberts
  • 2015, 6th – 25th November, The Present Instant, Richard O’Sullivan & Matilde Meireles
  • 2014, 7th – 26th November, Seasonal Integration IV, Nicole Weniger
  • 2014, 3rd – 24th October, Downtown 2, WhittyGordon Projects
  • 2014, 3rd – 24th October, When they put their hands out like scales, Emma Campbell
  • 2014, 5th – 26th September, Nothing Great is Easy, Lisa Stansbie
  • 2014, 7th – 28th August, Keyframe, Colin Martin
  • 2014, 6th – 28th June, …taking back bearings, Craig Donald & Jacqueline Holt
  • 2014, 3rd – 5th April, Intermingle, Enda Burke (IE), Ella Bertilsson (SE), Chloe Brenan (IE), Sylvia Callan (IE), Aileen Drohan (IE); Luz Estrada (MX), Marco Gutierrez (ES), Pierre Jolivet (FR), Ulla Juske (EE), Philip McGuinness (IE), John Murphy (IE), Catherine O’ Keeffe (IE), Atoosa Pour Hosseini (IR), Fernanda Teta, (IT) and Paul Terry (IE).
  • 2014, 12th – 26th April, PHOSHOW, as part of Belfast Photo Festival Youth Edition 2
  • 2014, 7th – 22nd March,  PROXY SPECIAL, Laura Duran, Daniel Lichtman, Laura Morrison, Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh, Benjamin Orlow, Elaine Reynolds and Eoghan Ryan. With an accompanying text by Nathan Witt. 3
  • 2014, 7th – 22nd March,  SHIFT, Karine Talec
  • 2014, 3rd – 10th October, Fabric, DAS Residents, curated by Digital Arts Studios. 4
  • 2013, 6th – 16th June, Ripped, Chiseled and Rock Hard, Brian J Morrison, as part of the 2013 Belfast Photo Festival.
  • 2013, June 6th – 16th, BeSpectacleD, Portraiture from the general public
  • 2013, 17th – 25th May, 81E01, University of Ulster MFA, Aoife Brady, Pamela Byrne, Elizabeth-Anne Curistan, Cathy Droney, Andrew Glenn, Erin Hagan, Jade Magee, Jonny McEwen,  Rosanna McKenna, John Robinson, Katrina Sheena Smyth
  • 2013, February, Come to the Reading Room, Come Outside, Rachael Campbell-Palmer
  • 2012, 20 September-10 October, The What-Ifs, Fiona Ní Mhaoilir 5
  • 2012, 2nd – 10th March, Abluō, Jenny Keane
  • 2012, 6th – 21st January, Nepotism + 1, Peter Richards, Kim McAleese, Victor Sloan, Jurgen Schneider, Conor McEely, Pascale Steyen,  Philip Napier,  Dougal McKenzie, Willie McKeown, Fergal O’Malley

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