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32 Counties Photographs of Ireland
Donovan Wylie


This is a highly personal and emotionally charged examination through photography of the people of Ireland. Each county is also represented by a piece of new writing commissioned specially by an appropriate Irish writer. Text and photographs work to create a variety of moods that reflect a proud, beleaguered, passionate country and the men, women and children that give it heart.

About the Artist

Northern Irish photographer Donovan Wylie (born 1971) began taking photographs in his teens. Donovan Wylie based in Belfast. His work chronicles what he calls “the concept of vision as power in the architecture of contemporary conflict” – prison, army watchtowers and outposts, and listening stations – “merging documentary and art photography”.

About the Publisher

Secker & Warburg was formed in 1936 by the merger of the firms of Martin Secker and Frederic Warburg. The British publishing company became renowned for its anti-fascist and anti-communist political stance, a position that opposed the ethos of many intellectuals of the time. 1

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