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After The Fact
Tim Durham


3 Publications in cardboard box
190 x 250 mm
ISBN Not available

After The Fact is the collective name for three separate personal responses to the collapse of the Irish property boom in 2008. Not only did the bust affect the Irish property and construction sector, its ramifications proved catastrophic to the wider economy. These three projects are motivated by a desire to understand what has been, arguably, the most significant event in Irish history since independence in 1922: the loss of sovereignty. The titles of the individual responses are:1/ The Council Adopted a Decision on Financial Assistance to Ireland and a Recommendation Setting out the Conditions for Granting that Assistance.2/ It Was Wonderful; Never In Their History Had The Dutch Seemed So Favored.3/ Thirteen Manors Exempt from Property Tax.

About the Artist

Tim Durham is a photographic artist working from his home in Westmeath. He is interested in architectural interior and architecture and landscape. He completed a percent for arts project for Kells Town Council based around the town of Kells and the island of Iona in their connection with St. Columkille and the Books of Kells. He is currently working on a percent for arts project for Westmeath County Council on the history of social housing in that county. His practice includes art documentation and photographic workshops. For the past 4 years he has been teaching artists how to photograph their own work. He holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Ulster, Belfast (2014) and has recently exhibited as part of the MFA Graduate Exhibition at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

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