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Staged: Issue 1

Contributors Roger BallenVarialGerald Slota, Agata StoinskaPawel ZakMarc da Cuhna Lopes, Beth MoonKen RosenthalJosep EchaburuPolixeni PapapetrouHugh Chaloner and Katarzyna Kural.


Edition of 1000
36 Pages
380 x 290
ISSN 2009339X

The concept for blow has been developing steadily since spring. by early July, our idea had, at last, taken the form of our preview issue; hold your breath. we held our breath, anticipating how our offering to the photographic community would be received. the response to our preview issue has been hugely encouraging, which has made the undertaking of our first issue all the more exciting…

First and foremost, we are thrilled to feature some of the haunting work of Roger Ballen, a photographer that urges us to confront our darker side, while at the same time opening our eyes to an abstract and painterly way of seeing. inspired by Ballen’s theatrical and arranged compositions, we set out to find other photographers who approached the medium in this way.

About the Magazine

Blow photo is published and printed 3 times per year with a limit of only 1,000 editions, making the collection a rare possession for anyone interested in contemporary fine art photography.

Each edition reveals a unique photographic thematic narrative captured through the lens of some of the world’s most talented contemporary photographers. carefully selected and brought together by our editors,  this arrangement of a diverse group of artists – acclaimed and emerging, plays a vital role in revealing the story envisioned by blow. the themes may be familiar, but the visual stories they tell are unique.

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