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Stephen BurkeFiachra Corcoran
1815 Magazine

Text by Avalon Kallin.

117 pages
287 x 208 mm
ISBN Not Available

Caption of the image

Buff is a project in which a series of public artworks are photographed. These artworks are graffiti removals, mostly painted, colloquially known as ‘buffs’. The compositions are researched by fine-art painter Stephen Burke and documented through analogue photography by Dublin based photographer, Fiachra Corcoran.

About the Artist

Stephen Burke is a fine-art painter from Dublin, Ireland. He graduated with a BA in Print-making from NCAD, Dublin in 2016, and went on to release his first book entitled ‘Buff’ in August of 2017 which documented and explored the concept of graffiti removal as an art form. His work generally exists in the form of large multi-medium paintings in both interior and exterior spaces. He’s currently studying painting as part of the Master of Letters program in the Glasgow School of Art.

About the Publisher

From 1815 website:

”It all started in a small apartment in Queens, NY.  Issue #1 was a scrapbook of analogue photos, taken over 4 months spent in the most photogenic city on earth. This evolved into a magazine that we brought home and launched in Dublin. From there 1815 has grown not only as an independent magazine, but as a platform for like-minded people who are currently producing work through a range of mediums. We work closely with others across a wide spectrum of creative fields to realize projects through printed matter.

1815 Magazine is produced in limited editions, and in constantly shifting formats and mediums. We celebrate the launch of each issue with an event that reflects the diversity of the themes & formats of the magazine.

Collaboration has been a key part of our growth; we wouldn’t be here without the help of some amazing people. In 2016 we decided to expand to become an independent publisher along side the publication of 1815 Magazine, we continue to work with others to construct and publish their own work.”

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