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Dream The End
Dorje De Burgh 
Self Published 


Softcover with Two Publications
Artist Proof Edition
265 x 320mm
ISBN Not available

Dream the End is an ongoing experiment born of obsession and loss – an attempt to reconstitute a lost city, a vanished civilisation, a family disappeared. It is a map of oedipal desire and its potential for violent and destructive excess; a cross generational collaboration, an analysis of the flow of intra-subjective trauma, a matrixial duet. It is a search for presence within a lost ocean of immaterial absence, a grasping at how little we know, can ever know, and now never will. How little photographs can say. It is a re-presencing of the dead and a re-telling of grief. It is also a telling of my mother’s story, the story of our relationship, its intensity, and its end.

About the Artist

Dorje De Burgh‘s work is engaged in a dialogue with the dark poetics and reflexive potential of the photographic quotidian via oblique documentary, collage, writing and video. This practice draws upon lack, liminality, libidinal excess and the paradoxes of dematerialised (image) desire in a simulacral and schizoid semiocapitalist present. He recently received a first-class Masters in Art in the Contemporary World from NCAD writing on the subject of Death and the Dematerialised Image.

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