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Krass Clement
Errata Editions

Text by Rune Gade.


136 Pages
241 x 178 mm
ISBN 9781935004318

Krass Clement’s Drum, photographed in an Irish pub on a single evening with only three and a half rolls of film, is now considered one of the most important contributions to the contemporary Danish photobook. Revolving around one principal character – a hunched, weather beaten old man who sits alone with his drink, Drum comments on community, the outsider, alienation and the terrors of being alone. Books on Books #16 presents every page spread from Clement’s masterwork with an essay by the photo historian Rune Gade called Halting, Without Halting: On Krass Clement’s Photobook Drum. The photographs were shot in 1991 on his visit to Ireland, where he stayed in Monaghan and travelled to Dublin often. Drum’s photographs were shot specifically at a pub in Drum in County Monaghan where the artist was doing a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. 1

About the Artist

Born in Copenhagen in 1946, Krass Clement is an autodidact photographer. Graduated as a film director from the Danish Film School in 1973, though continued with photography when it became evident that his future was not to be in film. 2

About the Publisher

Errata Editions publishes books of educational and cultural value for a wide audience with a special focus on rare photography books which are unavailable to students and new generations of photographers. We are a group of practicing photographers, designers and educators who share a common love for the mediums of photography and book craft.

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