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Éire: ein Irlandbuch
Joachim Gerstenberg


Éire: ein Irlandbuch
Joachim Gerstenberg
Broschek & Co.


160 pages
225 x 205 mm
ISBN Not Available

This 1940 photobook is a result of photographer Joachim Gerstenberg’s visit to Ireland. Photographs range from all parts of Ireland, including Clonakilty, Bray, Aran Islands, Dublin and Donegal as well as photographs of different people in Ireland, local families, tradespeople and monks in addition to Éamon de Valera and Douglas Hyde. The introduction page of the book has the words ‘Der erinnerung an Irlands tote. Dem glauben an Irlands zukunft.’ written. It translates to ‘The memory of Ireland’s dead. The belief in Ireland’s future.’

About the Publisher

Broschek & Co. was founded by German magazine and book publisher Albert Vincent Broschek.

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