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Flâneurism: Stray Dogmans

Flâneurism: Stray Dogmans
Rik Moran


24 pages
210 x 150 mm
ISBN Not available

Faith, belief and systems in Dublin.

What is it that makes us suspend belief in reality and place our faith in systems beyond our control? The same type of faith that once led people to build mighty houses of worship, more recently led others to believe in ever increasing house prices. I walked from mansions to multi-stories, corporate headquarters to council estates, and the paths and streets in-between. I set out to understand how the faiths and beliefs of the city interact with their surroundings, and what return they offer to those invested in them.

About the Artist

Rik Moran is a photographer focused on environments and spaces, the memories that inhabit them, and the residual stories and emotions left behind.

About the Publisher

Flâneurism is a celebration of the unseen, hidden and uncelebrated. Exploring the cul-de-sacs and avenues of life, the aim is to join the dots between the coincidences and topologies of the world via successive photographic posts and physical printed photobooks, produced by Rik Moran.

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