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from where the heart is
Various Contributors



from where the heart is
Various Contributors

Created by Bryan HoganAila Harryson LorganSierra Grace, Edel Brady and Alex Sinclair.

74 pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available

from where the heart is is a reconceptualisation of homes and houses through a modern lens of longing a desire, with contributions from photographers and writers.

About the Artist

Bryan Hogan is a photographer from Dublin who loves taking photos that communicate warm vibrancy and texture in his surroundings. His photography projects are a means of transcribing how he sees the world.

Edel Brady is a storyteller who loves pulling at the threads of little memories she can’t shake. Edel was super enthusiastic about getting involved in this project as a self proclaimed fan of artists involved and as somebody who finds herself completely obsessed with the idea of home.

Aila Harryson Lorgan is a photographer who lives and works in Dublin. She works in 35mm.

Sierra Grace is a multidisciplinary artist working within photography, video, sculpture, and installation. Her blasé approach to photographing the beauty found in day-to-day suburban banality blends elements of subtle humour with lush melancholia. She is based in Miami, Florida.

Alex Sinclair is the founder of, a media analysis website from 2009-2015. He currently works in UCD Applied Language Centre and can be found sharing scenes of empty streets and joyful youth on Instagram. He lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow, and by the motto ‘I said it was simple, not easy’. Sinclair has published several books, but never makes more than one copy of anything.

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