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Lines Hannah Tiernan
Lines Hannah Tiernan


Hannah Tiernan
Self Published


32 pages
180 x 180 mm
ISBN 9780464475514

We all relate to the sky in some way; looking for faces in the clouds, star gazing, squinting at the sun or dancing in the rain. It’s one of the few aspects of nature that’s always accessible to us, even in urban spaces. Too often our view of the sky is marred by the traversing of lines. Lines that we rely on for communication, information, entertainment and power. They are visible along every roadside, cluttering the sky and obstructing our view. ​These images challenge this perspective, capturing the subtle beauty within those moments of obstruction.1

About the Artist

Winner of the 2016 Inspirational Arts Award, Hannah Tiernan has been shown in multiple exhibitions across Dublin, She expresses her ideas through a range of visual mediums.2

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